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Anyone Else?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who suffers from these erratic behaviors and afflictions: 
That Feeling of Stepping on Something Barefoot  I’m pretty much always in socks or slippers. Even when my floors are freshly swept, mopped and vacuumed, the second I step barefoot onto the wooden or tiled floor, it’s crumb central. I don’t know where these stray crumbs come from, that somehow elude the broom and vacuum, but they come out from the woodwork when I’m barefoot and it drives. me. bananas. 
Irrational Fear As a 30-year-old, mostly self sufficient woman, I like to think of myself as an “adult.” Except when I’m home alone and convinced someone is right outside about to break in, or already inside and plotting my death. This irrational fear gets even worse this time of year, and Brent’s going on two business trips in the middle and end of October. I’m terrified. 
Eternal Whiteheads  These aren’t your garden variety zits; these motherfuckers show up ripe and disgusting, ready to pop. It…

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