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The Magic of Chicago in January

Remember going to Chuck E Cheese when you were a kid? Man, that was the best. 

Full disclosure: I just googled Chuck E. Cheese to see if they were still around and was shocked to see that it's not Chucky Cheese. That mouse has a middle initial? Color me shocked.
My favorite thing to do was that red bucket seat that you strapped into and went around in a circle against the wall. That description makes it sound really lame, but if you know what I'm talking about, you know it was the shit.
The real MVP of Chuck E. Cheese is the ball pit. What a totally weird concept, heaping a bunch of hollow plastic balls into an enclosure and telling kids to jump around in it. Kids sure are amused easily.
Cue me, two weeks ago, when we're planning what we want to do in Chicago and my sister tells us there's a ball pit exhibit at Navy Pier and I lose my shit.
Which is how we ended up waiting in line for almost an hour to jump around a ball pit with approximately half of the kids in Chicago. 

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