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Another Anniversary Post

this was supposed to be one of those, snuggle up and look blissfully content pictures, but instead it's me leaning in to tell Brent something super important, probably a reminder that the Doritos are in the limo and it's almost time for post-wedding drinks
It's hard to believe that today marks four years married. I'd love to go back four years (and 15 pounds); I'll be a bystander this time around and take it all in, everything I missed on the actual day. Because even though so much of the advice brides are given is crap (the chicken dance and the electric slide belong on the do not play list, no matter what your MIL says), when people advise you to take everything in b/c the wedding day goes by too fast, it's true. 

I wish I could watch myself going through my wedding day again; the excitement of waking up after a fitful night of sleep in my childhood bedroom, laughing with my mom and sisters while we got our hair and makeup done, walking down the aisle and seein…

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