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5 Hidden Gems in Dublin

It's my first normal day off in a few weeks. The house hasn't had a good cleaning since before we left for Ireland, the cats nails desperately need to be trimmed, and we have a bag of spinach in the refrigerator that is very nearly about to implode and ruin the whole crisper drawer. For real though, why do bagged greens turn into that soggy slush? It's wholly the reason I rarely buy them, the thought of that slimy green sludge makes me shudder. I suppose I could eat the greens before they wilt, but let's be honest, those superfood smoothies I envision whenever I buy spinach or kale rarely make it to the blender.
I'm taking a break from my laundry list of tasks to write a post about our trip. Mainly because I need a distraction after I clipped Munch's nails and got her left hind paw so close that she's currently trailing blood wherever she goes. I plied her with treats and belly rubs, and she doesn't seem to be in any distress, so there's that at lea…

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