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Don't Be That Type of Girl

I've been working in restaurants for over five years and I know embarrassingly little about front of house operations. It's not an issue since it doesn't normally impact my duties, but I can't help but be curious about some FOH stuff. It's like they work an entirely different profession, strolling in mid-afternoon when I'm wrapping things up, all shiny shoes and makeup while I'm covered in flour. There's one woman in particular who I'd like to ask where she gets those cute shoes and statement necklaces. She's always in flowy tops and chunky booties, her casual work attire probably more expensive than my Sunday best, and since hospitality doesn't pay well, I'm curious what coupon codes or sly bargains she's able to snag. 
I'd like to ask her but I don't; she's one of those women. 

The type of women who prefer to talk to men and generally ignore all other females. We all know someone like this, whether it's a colleague or…

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