That Dress, Though

And here we are. The week between Christmas and New Year’s, where all your favorite Christmas movies stop playing on repeat and the only thing keeping your holiday spirit in check is the platter of Christmas cookies your mom left behind. In my head, that didn’t sound quite so Grinchy. I’m not sad about Christmas being over, really I’m not. How can I be, I’m a free agent until 2015. Nothing bumps up your cheeriness like unpaid time off.

I know my blog presence the last year few months has been faltering, and the ones I have managed to post have been mostly wedding related. To apologize for that, I’m here w/ a real treat today: the dress post. I’m not one of those ladies who’s been planning her wedding since she was a little girl, or who morphed into a total bridezilla. But my dress? Totally deserves its own post. Hands down my most favorite thing about the wedding (minus you, BB!) 

I’m a huge fan of Say Yes to the Dress, mostly b/c I like seeing what trainwrecks some people think are cute to parade around in. Not gonna lie, when I went dress shopping w/ my sister, I was kind of holding out for that Say Yes to the Dress moment where the bride finds her gown and instantly knows it was meant for her. At the shop we went to, I was able to see the inventory of dresses online ahead of time, and the staff put a few dresses aside for my when we showed up for the appointment. There was a clear frontrunner among those dresses, but when I saw it in person, it didn’t really do anything for me. After I tried it on though, I was instantly smitten. My sister, our consultant, and the girls shopping next to me were all quick to say how beautiful it was and how excited I looked to be wearing it. Wah-la; my moment. 

Seriously, every girl deserves to feel like I felt in my dress. Beautiful. Stunning. Radiant. Exquisite (just to name a few; thanks, I always thought it was corny and clichéd and trite, but what they say is true: when you find your dress, you just know.

What did I love about it? Where to begin. The beadwork. The detail. The fact that it didn't look like every other bridal gown I've seen. And the illusion neckline? I can't even. 

That train though. Seriously, the train. In all honesty, I didn't even want a train. My main objective was for my dress to be easy to move in. Let's be real, I wasn't skimping on the dance floor b/c of an intrusive gown. For my first few fittings, I didn't even realize there was a train b/c there was just so. much. material (hashtag short girl problems). At the second to last fitting, we talked bustle. At that point, I still couldn't envision a long train and didn't care too much about the bustle. For my final fitting, I went alone b/c my sister was out of town. And I saw....a giant train. I was too shy to say anything about not wanting a train b/c this woman had been working on my gown for like, weeks now, and what kind of dummy doesn't realize her gown had a train? raises hand This dummy.  I was having second thoughts and frantically thinking if it would be possible to find a tailor to hack a train off a dress in three days. 

And then I just took some advice from my gal pal Elsa and let it go. She looks pretty fantastic in her dress, and the train doesn't seem to stop her from moving and grooving. 

Suffice to say, I ended up loving the train. Having an excuse to be fawned over by my bridesmaids wasn't too bad, either. And my bustle was pretty clutch in helping me move on the dance floor. It was a win-win, really. 

I hope my sister finds a dress that makes her feel just as gorgeous. That's right, my sister just got engaged! Cheers to more wedding posts in the new year ; ) 


I concur that your dress. Was. Georgeous. And not a cookie cutter of every other dress you see and quite perfect, actually. Love the pics of the train!
Yeewuz said…
Wah-la; my moment.

Pretty sure you meant 'Voila' which is an actual word.

Also, glad to see my love of is rubbing off on you!
Stephanie said…
^ Love him.
The dress is so pretty on you, excellent choice!
Brigid said…
Wah-la is too an actual word = p

Thanks, Steph! I loved everything about it = D
You were a beautiful bride - loved seeing the photo of your sisters and mom, too! Best wishes