And Then We Had a Baby

Sooooo....hey. Long time, no see. Looooong time. Like, Ariana Grande ponytail long. I didn't mean for this long a lapse, really I didn't. I've had so many saved drafts and so many times I almost hit that little "publish" button, just to be like, eh, is this really what I want my first post back after a three month hiatus to be about? Another rant about train etiquette? I think I've beat that horse dead.

The truth? I haven't thought about this little blog in awhile. No saved drafts, no almost published content. I'll scroll through my favorite reads and see what my (online) besties are up to, but I haven't even had energy to comment on said blogs. Hashtag summer! Just kidding, the real hashtag should be lazy bc that's the truth of the matter. 

I deserve a little lazy time, IMO. In the past few months I've had bachelorette shenanigans, showers, weddings; not to mention all the planning for my sisters bachelorette/shower/wedding taking place this fall in Chicago. I'm crazy excited bc I haven't been to Chicago in years and Brent hasn't been ever. Bring on the hot dogs and deep dish and bean photo shoots. Oh, and I'm super excited to celebrate my sister getting married, obv.

Brent had a milestone birthday a few weeks ago, and I'll be damned if I didn't give him a proper send off from his twenties. I kind of dropped the ball on 29 (and he kind of didn't let me hear the end of it) so I knew I had to step up my game for the big 3-0. Nothing says welcome to the officially decided upon decade of adulthood and maturity like a funfetti cake and sprinkles. My little man child, pretending to be all grown up.

Instead of regaling you w/ stories of our summer, I'll just move along to the photo dump that you've all seen on Instagram already. 

Wait, you don't follow me on Insta? Search "brigibaby," greatandthanks.

End photo dump. I don't want to bore you w/ all the pics you've see on my Instagram already. (username brigibaby) (are these shameless plugs working or what)

The truth of it is I always forget to take pictures. And by "forget" I mean I map out a whole adorable photo sesh in my head w/ all of us in the cardboard birthday hats I bought for Brent's party and then the reality of the picture is my eys are closed and I have a fat arm/face/beer belly and I'm like, eh, I don't really need that picture anyway. I don't even have any pictures of our new house. Or baby. oh no she didn't!!!

No, no I didn't. Brent and I are still happily sans child. But I've read that shocking and outrageous titles for your posts are certain to please your readers and generate more page views. Did it work?

The house wasn't a lie though; we did buy one and I've yet to document it in pictures. Stay tuned. Who doesn't want to read all about Binx adjusting to his new digs (aka finding the ONE rug we have and vomiting over and over) and my pantry organizing tips? Never a dull moment around here, I tell ya.


Sarah said…
This blog title made me do a double take. I follow you on instagram and you didn't post the cake pics from the party. It came out nicely.

Abby will sit on/around the wood floor but then puke on the only area rug in sight.
Yeewuz said…
Either search "brigibaby" or "brunch puns" and you'll come up.