Haste Makes Waste...and Missed Trains

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tuesday's are way worse than Monday's. Monday's catch a bad wrap, but it's Tuesday's that do you dirty. 

So today, Tuesday, I had to take off work early and head home to get some HR shiz taken care of for my new job. I busted ass all morning to make the 2:45 train. I left work at 2:40, power walked for three minutes and realized I needed to pick up the pace. So I ran into the station and heard my train being announced. I didn't listen after I heard my station, I just hauled ass to the track it's usually on and plunked down in a seat. It may officially be fall, but there's some summer humidity kicking around, so I bet the people next to me really appreciated my heavy breathing and the sweat rag I fashioned out of my bandanna from work as I took up three seats with my backpack and lunchbox. I'm like 28 going on 8. 

I take out my phone to text Brent my train victory, all excited emojis and swagger. I email the HR woman to let her know I'm on my way! Then I have to put my phone down b/c the crease inside my elbows is sweating and I have to keep my arms strait for a minute. I'm really nailing this Tuesday, in case you're not picking up what I'm putting down.

The train slows and stops for a while and since I'm not reading or on my phone I notice some unfamiliar scenery. Huh, this is what not falling asleep on the train looks like, I think to myself. The train pulls into a station and everyone starts to get off. That's weird, I think, hardly anyone ever gets off here. Then the conductor comes through, announcing last stop. Um....what?

Turns out I was at South Station, the center of the commuter rail. In my haste to catch my train, I forgot that it wouldn't be on the track it normally is b/c the 2:45 isn't the train I normally take. So now I'm stuck farting around South Station for an hour before my train, and since HR probably leaves at 5pm on the dot, I might not even get my shit straightened out....and have to do this all over tomorrow. 

At least tomorrow will be Wednesday. Hump Day never does me dirty like this.  


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