Year One

What a difference a year makes. One year ago, I was a loose floozy, shacking up w/ some dude. This year, I'm a classy broad, married to said dude. Funny how that works. 

I was going to write a post about love. Then some advice to Brent's and my married future selves. Then the recipes to work your way into a guys heart. You know, all the standard anniversary crap. Then I sat down to start writing and decided the whole "a picture equals a thousand words" would suffice. Since it is our anniversary and I'd rather spend time together than on my computer. And by spend time together I mean sit in the same room having absolutely no interaction since it's Sunday and football reigns and I'm almost done w/ my book and need to start recipe testing for Thanksgiving anyway. We really have the old married couple thing down.

I was scrolling through my phone for some pictures of us to document our first married year. Then I remembered that I didn't take a lot of pictures of us this year b/c the marriage 15 is really real. Freshmen have nothing on newlywed ladies. I've been trying to make up for a years worth of bad habits in the past few weeks in an effort to not have to have my bridesmaids dress taken out. Fingers crossed I won't have five chins in my sisters wedding photos next weekend. 

Next weekend, holy shit! I'm so excited for the family reunion and to be in Chicago and obviously, to see my sister looking gorge at the altar. I should come up w/ a fun hashtag for the wedding. Since I'm the young and cool sister, they all look to me for these things. I'll mull that over while you bask in the love Brent and I shared this past year. God, we're cute.

And now for some post wedded bliss.

So many questions: Are those the exact sneakers Brent wore on our first date? Could we look any more awkward? Is my butt really that wide? Yes, yes to all of those. 

Actually, no, we couldn't look any more awkward. And my butt isn't really that big, the camera adds 20 pounds. But yes, those are the sneakers Brent wore on our first date, in case you were wondering.


Congrats on the year of wedded bliss! And we really are looking to you to create a fun hashtag for the wedding.
Yeewuz said…
Same brand of shoe but not the exact same pair. Although you appear to be wearing the same GM as on our first date ;)
Sarah said…
Haha,Brent schooled you with that GM comment. :)