Stalker Songs and Spring Ambitions

I was rocking out to Vance Joy’s “The Fire and the Flood,” thinking it was all cute, leaning my head against Brent and singing “when your head’s resting next to mine. NEXT TO MINE.” Maybe he didn’t think I was cute or maybe he just didn’t like me screaming in his ear, but Brent had to go all Debbie Downer on me.

Brent: You know that song is about a stalker?
Me (still singing): Wait, what? Who told you that?
Brent: Vance. Sorry to break it to ya.
Me: (singing along and realizing the lyrics could be construed as stalkerish): Oh well, I still like it. 

I’ve had it on repeat since b/c that’s what I do when I become obsessed w/ a song.

Things have been downright mum around these parts, and I really really really want to change that. I haven’t had a chance to read any blogs lately, let alone sit down and write some posts. And when I say haven’t had a chance I mean I’m too busy catching up on House of Cards (yet somehow still haven’t finished season two) and Fuller House. Insert Fuller House of Cards pun here. I can’t ignore a good pun.

I’ve got some ambitious spring goals that include training for the first race I’ve done in ages, using the crock pot more than once a month, and blogging on a more consistent basis. See what I did there? Vague, ambiguous goals are the only goals I can realistically achieve. And using the crock pot twice a month is still a win.