Three for Three

I don’t wanna brag, but I’ve gone for a run every day in June. It’s already the third, so….you do the math. I’ll probably just hang up my sneaks for the rest of the month; three runs in three days is the real deal. Especially when it’s disgustingly muggy, since spring has kinda been MIA this year and we went right from 50 degree weather to hot and humid. Can’t wait for that 15k in July, it should only be like 100 degrees by then, no sweat.

Okay, off on a tangent here, but I have to comment b/c since I started writing this post, I’ve seen this commercial twice already; the commercial for those PaperMate pens, where all the hands are writing in a circle and then smudge the writing as proof to how fast the pen dries and smudge proof it is? I’m sorry, PaperMate, I’m calling your bluff. No way the ink dries that fast; maybe it dries faster than regular pens, but less than 15 seconds and you’re rubbing on that ink-filled heart and not getting that shit everywhere? I don’t think so. As someone who uses a Sharpie all day err day, I’d love a product that delivered on that promise, but I just don’t believe it exists. It’s 2016; we have hoverboards and drones, but pens and markers that dry quickly still elude us.

I can’t complain about June so far; it’s been busy, but productive. And at least I can stay outta trouble when I’m busy w/ work. By stay out of trouble I mean I’m able to avoid parking my ass on the couch with crap TV, stuffing my face with Velveeta mac n’cheese and pints of Ben and Jerry’s. Man, does that sound good though. 

Know what else sounds good? These lemon lime bars I found on Pinterest, which also look like the ideal way to use up the limes I still have rattling around in the fridge from Cinco de Mayo. I swapped out the pastry dough for a graham crust and was super excited about them…until I went to check the lemon bars halfway through and saw what looked like quiche. Confused and disgusted, I scanned the recipe again and saw that I had forgot a key ingredient; lemon bars need flour, or your egg and sugar and cream mixture will bake up just like a graham crusted quiche. I added the flour to the lime filling and poured it over; it’s currently cooling on the counter, and we’ll see what a night of chilling in the fridge does for it. Tune in next week to see what an egg lime pie does to you after a day of drinking.