A September to Remember

If I thought my blog presence was lacking last summer, I need look no further than at the posts from this summer (all 8 of them) to confirm that things are more than a little scarce around here. 

So here it is: my September blogging challenge! I vow to (try) to post every day in September; and w/ topics like the ones outlined below, how can I miss? As you can tell, they are very serious and well-thought out, so you’re in for some real solid reading. Feel free to join in when your own writers block hits; just use the hashtag #babblingbridgeseptembertoremember so I can see all the great posts! 

Wait, that’s not how blogging works? Five years in, you’d think I’d know something about this hobby of mine. 

If the topics aren't applicable (like you're not turning 30 in October), feel free to take some artistic liberties w/ the post that day. You know what they say about blogging: any post is better than no post. Said no real blogger, ever. 

September Blog Topics Outline: 

1st – Summer wrap up
2nd – Best summer reads recap
3rd – Obligatory “Why I’m excited about fall” post
4th – Fall must haves
5th – “Be late for something day” is also “cheese pizza day”, so this post will obviously be about the reaction I get after arriving late to a Labor Day BBQ while grubbing on a huge slice of cheese pizza 
6th – Did I mention it’s fall? Reiteration post on why I’m pumped for fall
7th – DIY tutorial: fall makeup
8th – DIY tutorial: fall hair
9th – DIY tutorial: fall nails
10th –Most embarrassing moment in life, described in great detail (bonus points if said moment happened during the fall)
11th – Rant about a coworker
12th – Rant about your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend
13th – Shrewd political analysis of the 2016 election forecast 
14th – Photo tutorial: how to take poorly lit and largely mediocre photos for your blog and Instagram
15th – Home tour; the peek into my life you’ve been asking for all these years 
16th – All the best new fall shows ranked, from someone w/out cable television 
17th – Blogging pointers from someone w/ a kickass blog
18th – Instagram pointers from someone w/ over 60 followers
19th – Recipe: Homemade cat treats even a feral cat won’t touch
20th – Trendsetter post on all the things you might not know about yet, like kale and coconut oil and ombre hair
21st – My take on the first season of the Serial podcast, since I just wrapped it up (only 2 years late) 
22nd – Why dogs are better than people
23rd – Why cats are better than dogs
24th – Why all pets are better than kids
25th – Six years together w/ B; a celebration of us
26th – One week til the big three-oh! Birthday posts commence
27th – Best birthday ever
28th – Worst birthday ever
29th – What I think Brent and my sisters are planning for my (surprise!) 30th! 
30th – 30 in 30; since I’m about to turn 30, it seemed appropriate


Stephanie said…
OKAY BUT these are hilarious and I will be sad if you don't write them ALL. But days 22-24 need to happen. They just need to.
Brigid said…
i thought you might appreciate those days = D honestly, it seems like something i already would've blogged about. i'll have to make sure i have some adorable Binx pics ready to go!
I'm looking forward to the diy hair and make up tips. I suspect my fall pony tail will be quite similar to my summer pony tail, so this will give some tips on how to spice up my look.