I’ve never really had the urge to travel. Don’t get me wrong; I love a good reason to take off from work, whether it’s because of a kickass vacation, or simply a long weekend in Syracuse, but lengthy exotic trips to foreign places isn’t really my bag, baby.

Until now. When I discovered it totally is my bag, baby.

Brent and I just got back from a week in London, and the international travel bug bit me big time. We’ve been fortunate enough to take some great vacations together; New Orleans and Hawaii were my favorites and I’d love to make it back to both. Living in New England, we have an abundance of charming, coastal towns all perfect for a day trip or overnight. 

The only international travel I’d done before this was back in college, where some friends and I did a week in Paris. Do I even need to tell you how amazing this was? A week in Paris. My senior year in college. With my college friends. I think you get the picture.

Actually, I’ve been to Canada a bunch; Montreal and Toronto and Ontario, I think, but some of it I was too young to remember, and the more recent trips, too drunk, since Canada is only like 3 hours from where I went to college. And it’s Canada, which hardly qualifies as international travel when you live in the northeast. Do people in Southern California get all jazzed to go to Mexico? I don’t know, but now that I’m thinking about it, Mexico has got to be cooler than Canada, so they probably do. 

The fact of the matter is, now that I’ve got that first stamp in my brand new passport, I can’t wait to collect more. Sure, international travel is really just a lot of waiting around and rude border patrol experiences and the longest, slowest lines you’ll ever stand in (I can say this now w/ certainty, I’m an expert after my one recent trip abroad) but honestly, it’s worth the never-ending lines and scary customs officers b/c you’re literally in a different world.

London reminded me a lot of New York while at the same time was like no other city I’ve been to. It was exciting and intimidating and contemporary and old-fashioned all at the same time. I plan on recapping the better moments of our trip, but in case I get lazy and fall off the blogger bandwagon again, I wanted to officially document our first international trip together b/c if you don’t blog about it, it didn’t really happen. Is this still a blogger rule? Now it’s probably just Insta and Snapchat and I'm late on the uptake, per ushe.