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Thankful for Soup Season?

Thanksgiving is in TWO DAYS. Wtf? It was Labor Day weekend, like, yesterday. It doesn't feel like Thanksgiving Eve Eve. Sure, it's busy at work with Thanksgiving orders, and it's cold November raining outside (not literally), but without a long holiday weekend, it's still surreal. I didn't take Friday off so I'm pretty jealous that Brent is heading into a nice long weekend and I'll be working Friday like a chump. Brent and I celebrated our seven year anniversary last week (another indicator that time is fuh-lying). Was it just seven years ago that I was eating PB&J's with my bridesmaids while the videographer recorded every last second in an 8 hour video we'll never actually watch? Was it just eleven years ago that Brent and I spent our first Thanksgiving together in New Hampshire and I endeared myself to his crazy uncles - uncles I'll be seeing Thursday who will be every bit as nuts as that first meeting? Side (topical) rant: when did everyo

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