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The Opposite of a Lazy Sunday

One of the chores I hate most about adulthood is the weekly supermarket trip. You think it'd be fun because I'm surrounded by food, but it never is. Instead of impulse buying ice cream and Oreo's, I pretend I'm going to eat healthy for the week and stock my cart with leafy greens and lentils that will ultimately end up in the trash while we spend the week eating processed foods. Not only is the grocery store a reminder of my constant dietary shortcomings, it's stressful AF. The parking lot, the produce department, the self-checkout that never scans properly - have you ever had a pleasant trip to the grocery store? I'm a huge fan of chains like Wegman's and Trader Joe's, but the sheer volume of people takes any joy out of it. Recently, I figured out a way to incorporate fun into the dreaded chore: I'd bike there! When I got my spring tune-up at the bike shop, I bought a rear rack and strapped a milk crate on it. In my mind, I'd be pedaling down th

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