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A Boozy Whirlwind Weekend in Vermont

Brent and I had a little Vermont vacay last weekend, if you can call an overnight trip a vacation. I'm calling it a vacation b/c I ate and drank with abandon. But Brig , you're saying, you do that every day . Oh right. Whatever, I'm calling it a vacation b/c it was my birthday. Bam. Birthday = instant vacation. We've had our eye on the Stowe/Burlington area for a while now, based on nothing more than the fact that there are a dozen or more breweries in the area that we want to try. Not even two full days in Vermont and we made it to nine of them. We'll definitely be back to round out our list. In the meantime, here's a very brief itinerary if you find yourself thirsty with about 36 hours in Vermont. Stowe Von Trapp Brewing - super touristy, but still worth a visit. Either make a reservation, or plan on getting there super early. It was cold and rainy so the patio was out of commission and the bar only has like 16 seats. Show up early to snag one, since you can

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