Me Time

Happy Patriot’s Day! Wait, another made-up New England holiday, you ask? Why yes, yes it is.

Remember that post about me having a mini-meltdown b/c of being overworked while still a full-time student? And then scaling back a day at work and having time to see Brent more than just in passing? (just play along like my blog posts actually get read) That’s been shot to hell since some people left at work and I’m back to 5 days a week, w/ school 5 days a week, which essentially means I barely have time to give kisses to Binx Brent, let alone time to sit in front of a computer screen.

But today is Patriot’s Day, aka Marathon Monday, aka no classes. And since my 6-hour Monday class prohibits me working on Mondays anyway, I’m off from work, too. I don’t think I’ve had a free day since St. Patty’s day, and I plan to spend it pretty much the same way: scampering drunk around the streets of Boston. Maybe I’ll switch it up and venture towards Fenway to cheer on the Sox and the runners; I’ll have to pregame to endure the shitshow the green line will be, but I’m okay w/ that.

With all my free time today I’ve been able to really pamper myself. Check out all the ways I’m living it up on my day off:

-Painting my toe nails. This was well overdue, now that the polish from last spring has finally chipped itself off. At least this is something I won’t have to squeeze in for the rest of the year, we all know how toe nail polish is more stubborn than a drunk guy after last call, insisting he can still get another round. 

-Responding to my jury duty summons. I know, right, how lucky am I that I was finally picked for jury duty?! I’ve been waiting to serve my civic duty for years and in three short months I’ll get that chance. It’s only at a courthouse 45 minutes away, score!

-Changing out our flannel sheets. I don’t even want to admit how long these sheets have been on the bed for. 

-Paying my credit card bills. No more annoying “caution, your bill is overdue” emails for this girl! We all know those companies are bluffing, anyway.

-Sending a few last save-the-dates that were overlooked. We sent them out over a month ago, but it’s still totally fine to send them out intermittently to the people we may have forgot about. I mean, if I don’t have your address, that’s really on you. 

-Playing hide-and-seek w/ this little guy. He’s a champion hider, just check out that spot.


Now that I've found him, the game's pretty much over. When I hide, Binx likes to forget about the game and give himself a 20-minute bath. I'm done squeezing myself into the closet for 20 minutes, especially when it's this close to lunch. 


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