And Then Brent Realized Brig Was Crazy

We’re almost there, guys, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel; finals are next week. Classes are almost over. Whoop dee freaking doo, I don’t think I could handle another week of this shite. Besides the fact that it’s been causing some very bizarre dreams. 

Last night, around 3am, I’m lying in bed, in that weird stage when you’re awake but still in the mind-set that what’s happening in the dream is real life. I was dreaming about rolling fondant and decorating cakes (no doubt b/c I’ve been watching one too many youtube videos on rolling fondant and decorating cakes). I open my eyes and see something round on the ceiling; obviously it’s the fondant I’ve rolled that somehow got on the ceiling. Maybe I was tossing it like pizza dough, although why I would be tossing it like pizza dough, I’m uncertain; this was that weird I’m-awake-but-I-think-I’m-in-the-dream stage, remember? 

So the fondant is on the ceiling and I’m lying there freaking out about how I need it for my cake and it’s on the ceiling, so I stand up so I can retrieve it. I’m sliding my fingers around it, but it’s not budging; obviously I forgot to cornstarch my ceiling, so it’s stuck there pretty good. I see my wallet on the nightstand and grab my monthly train pass out of it to use as leverage and try to scrape the fondant off. 

I consider waking Brent up b/c, in the dream, we were decorating the cake together, so why was I the one struggling to get the damn fondant off the ceiling? Just as I’m about to kick him, he rustles awake and peers up at me in the dark. Despite the dark, I caught the look on his face, in his bleary eyes, which was one part I’m too tired for this shit and five parts what the fuck is Brig doing?

Brig was apparently trying to detach the sprinkler alarm, so it’s a good thing Brent woke up when he did, saving our ceiling and probably our lives. I woke up this morning, my Charlie card askew in my wallet, and was actually mortified. I didn’t know it was possible to get embarrassed in front of the guy who’s seen you crouching on the kitchen floor w/ no pants on, spooning ice cream out of the pint and directly into your mouth at 5am, but apparently it’s possible.

Don’t worry, it didn’t affect my performance today. Just check out that fondant rolling. Can't even tell I have a whole semester of cake decorating under my belt, can ya?


Stephanie said…
hahahaha 'forgot to cornstarch my ceiling.' I love everything about this story.
Brigid said…
I think Brent's holding a grudge against waking him up from the fondant incident...but so am I for his refusing to help.