Updates, if You're Interested

I know, I know, a list is such a cop-out post (especially when I’ve been absent from here for the better part of 2014), but it’s Friday and I’ve got some cookies to bake, so let’s commence w/ said list, shall we?

There’s no good reason for my lack of posting besides sheer laziness. School wrapped up last week, and may I say, TGIFO (thank God it’s effing over). School ended w/ the debut of this little beaut, something I was infinitely proud of, having never attempted a cake like this. 

The tiers are styrofoam cake dummies, b/c the school wants to have them on display, but besides the lack of actual cake under there, everything else was from scratch #modest

Now that school is over, work is taking up most of my time. The week after school I was transitioning into a new job and was working crazy hours. Now that’s over w/ and I can concentrate on my new job, which I love. Cookies, brownies, banana bread, muffins, ice cream; you name it, I’m eating making it.

Speaking of food, Brent and I had a pretty great Memorial Day weekend. Hot dogs and beer make any weekend great, am I right? We saw the new X-Men movie which was awesome. You have to suspend your belief a little w/ the timelines of all the movies matching up, but everything else was really real, like superhero moves always are. 

We had a little celebratory brunch to mark absolutely nothing. I had Brent pop the bubbly since champagne bottles scare me. After he took off the initial wire thingy, he was like huh, this shouldn’t be too hard and then BAM out of nowhere the cork popped and I nearly shit my pants. Damn barefoot and their “easy open” champagne. It was pretty delicious though.

I’ve been spending a bit of time at a nearby park w/ my sister creeping on this family of ducks. I mean, wouldn’t you?

I have to give that mama lots of credit, keeping track of 8 kids like that. I don't think I even got all 8 in the pictures b/c one was always scampering off. And of course papa mallard was off cavorting w/ some pond floozy.

Hopefully I can keep up w/ more semi-regular posting, but summer seems to find a way to thwart real plans. I can't commit to anything when there's Summer Shandy on tap. 


Stephanie said…
That is some damn beautiful decoration, you got so good!!
For champagne, keep one hand tightly on the cork and use your dominant hand to twist the bottle. Never twist the cork, that's when it explodes.
Sarah said…
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Sarah said…
I am a tad jealous of your access to these adorable ducks!! And this comment made me lol: "And of course papa mallard was off cavorting w/ some pond floozy."

Nice cake!
Love the cake. Too bad they are styrophome, bc otherwise I would devour it. If I remember correctly, Papa Mallard seemed to have a few pond floozys that he was macking it to. Not pictured: giant Canadian goose that was trying to eat all the bread for the ducklings.
Brigid said…
@Steph: I'll have to try it that way next time, that cork popping was freaking terrifying

@Sarah: maybe we can see them when you guys visit!

@Beth: papa mallard definitely has mistress time on his agenda