Howdy Y'all

if I only hadn't broken that hat last halloween...

Remember way back when before the ten millionth change to facebook and your profile was a simpler thing, with a small picture in the corner, your relationship status, and your interests? (and you could list what classes you were taking, b/c it was, once upon a time, just for college kids) The little “interests” section had all sorts of things: books, movies, sports, alcohol, boys, nachos…the usual college scene. For some reason a lot of people listed “trying new things” under their interests, like in their spare time between classes they were out rock climbing and scuba diving instead of getting drunk on $3 long islands at the Sting. 

I would never classify “trying new things” as something I’m interested in. Call me lame, boring, stuck in a rut, whatever; I know what I like, and the uncertainty that comes along w/ trying new things isn’t really my thing. If you catch me at the right time, however, (ie: off guard, drunk, asleep), I might be up for stepping out of my comfort zone. Which is how I agreed to meet some colleagues out for…wait for it…line dancing.

Where does one even find line dancing around this city, you might ask. I was wondering the same thing when my sister and I showed up (damn right I roped Beth into this) to the bowling alley barely three miles from my house. I guess the stereotypes about Boston being notoriously a white city holds some stock after all. 

It was a bowling alley slash nightclub, the corner VIP section of the nightclub making a mighty fine area for some shuffling and heel-toeing. My sister and I arrived before the lesson started and were standing around noting the demographics of the crowd (read: old white women). Then the instructor put on the Cupid Shuffle to start things off and my sister and I were stepping “to the left to the left to the left” w/ the best of ‘em. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I had been worrying over what to wear, lamenting the fact that I didn’t have cowboy boots, and finally deciding on a flannel b/c that was at least a little country, and after the first two songs I was so. hot. I wished I had gone w/ a Sox t-shirt like pretty much everyone else was wearing. 

I won’t say we’ll be regulars, b/c that would just be a lie, but it was actually a lot more fun than I thought. The fact my dancing looked incredible compared to almost everyone else in the room helped quite a bit.