A Summer of Firsts

Holy cow, it’s already August. Summer is flying by in that way that just doesn’t happen in January and February, when the days are shorter but somehow take a million times longer to get through. One of the things I love about blogging (though my lack of posts might prove otherwise) is browsing old posts and seeing what I was up to at various points in my life. If I was to look at this blog five years from now I’d probably be like, wow, summer ’14 sure was a bust. When in actuality, I’m having too much fun (or being too lazy, you decide) to sit myself down and look at a computer screen for an hour straight to hash out what’s happening. 

If this summer had a tagline it would be “trying new things.” And while I’m normally averse to change, I don’t hate it. 

Like our trip to Portland. My first time in Maine! I think I came on a little too strong, b/c Maine didn’t warm up to me for a while. First, I got a ticket after our meter expired at the oldest, most depressing beach in New England. Next, I got a gnarly sunburn across my chest even though it was cloudy w/ a chance of rain for the whole hour we spent on the beach. After that rocky start, I didn’t know if the weekend could be salvaged. Until the bar that saved it all w/ a sweet outdoor beer garden and two words: corn hole (hmm, is that one word? Unsure. I’ve only ever called it bean bag toss until I moved here and everyone calls it corn hole. Weirdo’s).

 um, is this safety pin regulation? 

Another first in Maine was this doughnut muffin from the bakery right near our hotel. Cronut, who? 

Speaking of doughnuts, I made doughnuts for the first time at work a few weeks ago. They didn’t look like Dunkin, but that’s how you know they’re homemade, right? The glazes were peach and mixed berry, and they were banging, if I do say so myself. Tell me you’d say no to all that.

Since I’m on a roll w/ the food, I’ll continue. It was the first time I made a cookie cake for Brent, which was seriously amazing. The frosting was store-bought b/c I was sluggish after picking at the cookie cake all day pressed for time, but it got the job done.

To combat some of this terrible eating, I went kayaking w/ my sister last weekend. My restaurant is right next to a kayak rental and one of the perks of working near it is free rentals! They have canoes, kayaks and paddleboards, and anyone who’s ever done these activities knows it ain’t cheap, so this is a pretty sweet deal. The sky got more menacing as the day went on, but we managed to avoid the rain and soak ourselves nonetheless w/ our oars all afternoon. 

Another first? Afternoon tea. One of my teachers in school was always talking up trying new culinary experiences, and mentioned tea at the Ritz, like every other week. So when I saw a Groupon for it a while back, I pounced. It wasn’t the Ritz, but it was a swanky North End hotel, right on the water. Everything was so cute, from the sugar cubes, to the multicolored macaroons, to the mini bottle of jam that I meant to swipe but accidentally forgot left b/c you don’t steal items in your purse at a fancy affair like afternoon tea. 


I actually used the Groupon for tea on the same day as another Groupon I had at a salon near my house. I figured if I was going to a nice hotel, I should probably wash my hair, and if I have to wash it, why not get it cut and blow-dried, too? Whoa, redeeming two Groupons in one day? No telling what other craziness this summer might bring!

Another first: two posts in one day. Actually, I think I might have posted two times in one day back when I started blogging and it was all so fun and fresh. So to keep this on trend of new things, I’ll have to bust out a third post for the day; definitely never done that before. But don’t hold your breath, guys, it’s only day 2 of this blow-dried hair, I’ve got to make the most of it and that means trading the computer for real life happy hour right about now.