A Hairy Situation

I get home from work yesterday and my boys are lounging on the couch. I can tell immediately that something is off.

Me: Did you get a haircut?

Brent: It’s a funny story –

Me: Funny how? I’ve never seen your hair this short. What happened?

Brent: You know how my mom got me those clippers a few years ago? I finally decided to give myself a haircut.

Me: What the fuck, Brent? Who gives themselves a haircut? 

Brent: I was amping myself up for it all morning! Come on it’s not that – 

Me: And who gives themselves a haircut six weeks before their wedding?

Brent: Ooooh, right. The wedding. 

Me: Right. The wedding. Only the most photographed day of your life. And you’ll be forever remembered as Mr. Clean.

Brent: Come on, it’s not that bad.

Me: You’re right, it’ll grow out in six weeks.

Brent: Well, I had planned on getting my hair cut two weeks before the wedding. So –

Me: So, no haircuts until after the honeymoon.

This is why boys aren't in charge of wedding planning.


Yeewuz said…
Mr. Clean? I was thinking more Bruce Willis.
Brigid said…
you would think that, BB