Fall Festivities

Guys, it’s the most bee-you-tiful fall day out there. Like, the absolute best. Like, if this could be the weather on November 15th, I would be most appreciative.

Speaking of November 15th, I can’t believe it’s (gulp) almost here. Life has been going by just a little too quickly, which I didn’t know was possible w/out a vacation or sister reunion or other such shenanigans. I guess planning a wedding equals said shenanigans.

In an effort to be reminded of what was going on around here leading up to the wedding (besides the indecisiveness that’s caused me to buy three pairs of wedding shoes), I thought it was time for a little photo dump.

Fitting into my wedding dress is clearly not high on my priority list. Hmm, waistline or focaccia? I pick focaccia, every time.

Followed by these adorable apple pies. 

I’ve currently got some brioche proofing on the counter and caramel apple cheesecake setting in the fridge. My spanx sure have their work cut out for them.

In other delicious news, Brent’s mom planned the nicest shower for me last weekend. Included? Cake. More importantly? A brunch buffet. I know, I know, cake is delicious. But I can have cake any old time. A good brunch buffet is hard to find. It was great meeting some of Brent’s relatives for the first time, and seeing the family and friends I’ve been getting to know over the past four years. The gifts these family and friends brought were also pretty great. 

After the shower it was time for some apple picking. And pictures with apples. I stocked up on honeycrisp so I can make delicious concoctions like the aforementioned caramel apple cheesecake. 

Other exciting things going on round these parts include my new iPhone (#amazeballs) and this little guy having a major health scare. 

Long story short, he was unable to pee due to a blockage and needed to get checked into the animal hospital immediately. He was there for just under 48 hours and all the updates were pretty positive, saying he was getting along fine and purring away most of his time. Pretty standard for the Binx man. Seeing the little shaved section of his legs really tugs at my heart, though.

And with that I’m off to check on the cheesecake. And look into maximum coverage spanx.


Yeewuz said…
Am I crazy or is there not a single apple in either of your pictures? Even the close up with Beth shows an empty tree.
Sarah said…
Haha, Brent's right. That bag Brig is holding doesn't even look like there is anything in it. Those carmel apple cakes look dee-lish so you must have picked up some apple somewhere.

I hope Binx is ok. Do you have to change his food?
Brigid said…
Contrary to those "empty" bags and trees, we got plenty of apples.

Sarah, we changed his food to wet and try to mix in some water in there. The little guy wasn't getting enough water!