One Week Later

My mantra for the wedding was “clear skies, clear skin” (not to be confused w/ Coach Taylor and those Dillon fooseball players). That was all I was asking for: no rain and no zits. And for the most part? My two requests were honored. I think it was the baking soda regimen I plastered all over my face for most of the days leading up to the wedding, and the fact that we somehow missed the polar vortex that is currently most of upstate New York by about three days #blessed

There may have been a shitty wintry mix in effect the Friday before, but Saturday was clear and sunny, for the most part. And the snow already on the ground actually made for some nice pictures. I mean, I’m hoping it did, I won’t see the professional pics for a while, so I’ve got to stay positive. In the meantime, I’ve been looking at a few of my favorite phone pics on repeat.

 sistas, mom and me, just after our hair and makeup

totally OBSESSED w/ my dress. couldn't take my eyes off myself #humble

officially mr. and mrs!!!

wintry mix was no match for my 5" heels. and Brenty's argyle #boss

The photobooth may have been the smartest wedding move we made. Especially since we got copies of all the images. Some made me laugh. Some made me cringe. Most of them just made me want to get married again and again to have an all night party w/ my best friends and family for all the nights ever.

Happy 1 Week, BB! It's all downhill from here.


Love these pics! Can't wait to see the rest. Too bad there's no way to have an audio clip of "a Gus Gus and Jacques present" playing while reading the blog.
Stephanie said…
I love these photos! Your dress is so pretty, you looked perfect.
Brigid said…
@Beth: I know, I can't wait to see the "real" ones!

@Steph: thanks, lady! not gonna lie, I love 'em, too = D It really seemed perfect!