The Final Stretch

We’re in the home stretch. I can count on one hand the number of days until my wedding. Oh Em Gee. 

Wedding planning is a funny thing; you’re all gung ho about it at first, and then you book all the big things and are like, damn, what’s all the fuss about? This planning a wedding ain’t so bad. And then you get to the three month mark, when payments start to get due, and people wanna follow up on their contracts and be like, oh hey, about that service I’m providing for you? Ima need my money. And you realize that you thought your bases were covered, but you were completely wrong. Those million things you’re forgetting? Aren’t going to take care of themselves. And you think (not for the first time), why the hell didn’t we just elope?

The only reason I haven’t been going completely cray these last few weeks is b/c of these two. 

In the first few months of wedding planning, I was happy to do most of the planning. In the middle few months, I was ready to stab Brent in his sleep for his absentee role in the planning process. These last few weeks, he’s seriously stepped it up. 

Since I’ve left my office job, I’ve basically forgot how to communicate via email. I used to be a pretty competent writer; now my emails are of the “can I haz cheeseburger” skill level. Brent has saved the day on more than a few of these email exchanges. He’s also been bringing up things that haven’t even been on my radar and making sure they get checked off before the big day. 

I brought home my dress on Friday and the tailor was like, make sure you get it out of the bag and let it spread out and breathe this last week. Sure, I’ll hang it in the extra room reserved for my beanie baby collection and our bars of gold. So naturally, it’s been hanging in the middle of Brent’s closet, taking up approximately half of his closet space. Has he complained once? Well, yeah, I mean, he’s a normal guy. But the complaining has been pretty minimal since #keeper

I’m absolutely in love w/ my dress and can’t wait to wear it on Saturday. I can’t wait to party w/ all our friends and family. And I can’t wait to marry the man who doesn’t judge me when I want Taco Bell twice in one day. I mean, they serve breakfast now, so it’s okay. 

Happy Veteran’s Day!  


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