Baby Steps

I just spent the last hour meal planning for the week ahead. Things can get pretty crazy around here on Saturday nights; it’s the wild wild west, believe you me (does anyone say “believe you me” anymore? Was that ever said by anyone under the age of 90? Another example of how bananas it is around here).

I don’t think hot dogs and deli turkey qualifies as healthy eating but it’s gotta be better than Taco Bell all day err day. And before you get all judgey, no, it didn’t take me an hour to plan out my hot dog and turkey sandwich menu for the week; there’s some homemade chicken salad and seared pork chops on the menu, mmmkay? Maybe some mashed cauliflower, depending on how ambitious I’m feeling Wednesday night. Right now, it’s definitely in the cards. Wednesday night? Probably not so much. Does anyone else have super lofty goals for delicious homemade dinners every night and then Monday night hits and you’re like, well, I can’t not get a $5 burrito at Moe’s…and it’s all downhill from there. 

And since I make Brent read my blog whenever I post anything (which is far and few between of late) he’ll see this and definitely put the kibosh on my mashed cauliflower. Just because it was a little gritty that one time...

The meal planning segued into a massive guilt trip when the healthy eating pins turned into the fitness ones I’ve pinned and forgotten. I really hate doing the whole accountability thing, especially on a blog where I don’t even post regular content, but I feel like that’s just another example of how far I’ve fallen. I started this blog when I first got into running; I blogged and ran regularly and I just felt good. I had an outlet for my rants and ramblings, I found solace in all the running and fitness bloggers; I wasn’t cooking and eating clean, but two out of three, right? 

So I’m here now doing the whole accountability thing; running and blogging 2-3 times a week is the goal. It might be two runs and one blog post, or three runs and zero blog posts (or three posts if it’s a really rainy spring), but I’m doing it. I should probably make 3-4 homemade dinners a weekly goal, but baby steps. Dr. Leo Marvin knew what he was talking about. And if you haven’t seen What About Bob, add another to-do on your list for the week; you’ll thank me after.