Hobby vs. Jobby

b/c April's almost over, so why not? proof I can still get after it in the kitchen 

I’m toying w/ the idea of getting a second job. Who made the 40 hour workweek the norm? Why stop there; I’m going for 60+, myself. Why have a small social life when you can have none at all?

In all seriousness, I quit my kitchen job and would love to get back in the industry in any capacity; I’m thinking that starts w/ a weekend gig at a local bakery or restaurant. We’ll see; we’re not in Boston anymore so there's not 100+ relevant craigslist postings to choose from. 

When we moved out to the ‘burbs, I found a pastry job in the neighboring town and was pumped about my 10 minute commute to work. The job was too good to be true: making edibles for some of the dispensaries that have opened up across the state. A new culinary adventure! A growing industry, pun intended. Except the thing about something that’s too good to be true…is that it works out perfectly for everyone! 

Yeah…not so much. After a stint at one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a LOT of jobs), I was discouraged. I figured the less culinary opportunities out here, the better; I needed a break from kitchen life. So I went back to the corporate grind and am now loving life. The end.

Yeah…not so much. I don’t know if it’s because my new job is so overwhelming, or I forgot how boring it is sitting at a desk all day, or the fact that I can’t snack on chocolate whenever I want (that's obviously the real reason), but I’m just not feeling it. 

I’m not trying to wallow here; I had a bit of a revelation today. I’m bummed about not being around food all day, making delicious contributions to society and getting paid to do something I actually enjoy. But I’m not totally defeated; the way I see it, I had a few great years, doing work I was thrilled to be doing. I met amazing Chefs and colleagues and learned some of the coolest kitchen hacks and skills I use every day at home. How many people can say that, in all their years of working, they honestly loved what they were doing?

I’m a boring office drone now, but isn’t that what being an adult is? Facing the hard truth that maybe you can’t have it all; a job you’re passionate about rarely coincides w/ the one that’s hiring or the one you need to pay your mortgage. Being out of a commercial kitchen doesn’t make me any less of a cook. If anything, not being in the kitchen all day gets me more excited about making meals at home (if only I wasn’t so tired from sitting in a desk all day; seriously, how does that happen?!) 

I don’t regret the culinary career change I made, and the fact that I’m currently out of it. I’m in my (late) twenties, guys, anything can happen.