One Lazy Boilermaker Recap

In case you were keeping track of my sporadic and vague posts of late, the July race I was training for is over and ran. That’s right, I’m no longer on the hook for 9.3 miles, and my body wasted no time in getting back to its lazy and unhealthy ways – read: getting home from work and watching Gilmore Girls reruns w/ a bag of chips and pretzel M&M’s.

Bottom line: nothing motivates me like the pure terror of potentially not finishing a race or being the last one over the finish line, so I need to sign up for something else STAT b/c this lazy routine I’ve been in this week isn’t doing anything for my summer physique or productivity levels.

Am I the only one who didn’t know a boilermaker was a drink? And a gross one at that? When I Googled it, different instructions came up, all consisting of some sort of beer and whiskey variety. So doing a boilermaker before, during or after running the Boilermaker 15k was not on the agenda, at least for me. I did spot several people holding and chugging beers during the race, and to them I say, I hope I’m in front of you when that shit comes back up. 

We lucked out w/ weather, b/c it was cloudy and overcast for most of Sunday morning during the run. It rained briefly during the first mile, just enough for my socks to get damp and a mild blister to form. But I’ll take a small blister over the blistering heat and humidity that usually comes w/ the second Sunday in July, so enough w/ the thinly veiled sarcasm. My only real complaint is w/ my own stupidity: I bought a visor specifically for this race, did most of my training runs w/ the visor, and was ready to kick ass in said visor. On the morning of the race, my weather app said cloudy and overcast conditions, so I left the visor at the hotel and as soon as we were on our way, running late per usual, the sun breaks through the clouds and proceeds to blind us the rest of the drive to the starting line. Murphy’s freaking Law and all that. My sister graciously offered me her hat and I jumped on in; even sunscreen and clouds aren’t a sure thing when your skin is the fairest of them all.

Since I don’t run w/ my phone, my sister was in charge of the pre and post race photo shoot, both of which I look about the same; sweaty and greasy with a big smile on my face, either from the fact that I took a successful pre-race poop, or that I just chugged a beer and a chocolate milk on an empty stomach. 

Now that I don’t have a 15k looming over my shoulder, I’d still like to think I can do a running/blogging combination of at least three times a week, but I probably shouldn’t be counting my chickens. Especially when the weather seems to be lingering in the high 80’s/low 90’s all week and Luke and Lorelai are taking things to the next level; my climate controlled living room has never looked better.