What Am I Doing?

Brent’s birthday was yesterday. His birthday (“the day after Christmas in July,” as he told me when we first met and the trick I still use to remember it b/c dates are not my forte) is in late July; late enough in July that it’s practically August. If it’s practically August, it means summer is more than halfway over with. Does this bother anyone else? 

Where the hell is 2016 going? More to the point of this post, what am I doing while these days and weeks and months are flying by? Work, eat, sleep, repeat, more or less, so I guess there’s my answer. None of this makes for very interesting blog fodder, so in an effort to go back to some of my babbling roots, where I was blogging on the reg, I thought I’d do one of those “currently” posts that are easy enough to slog out when you’re desperate for blog content without having to do any real creative thinking.

What am I doing in the car? I just rented my first audiobook from the library and I am loving it. I’ve never had much of a driving commute before, but my current one is a half hour and  radio and CD’s just got so repetitive. I called the library and asked if they had any books on tape and the librarian laughed warmly and informed me they had a wide selection of “audiobooks.” 

What am I doing in the kitchen? Trying not to do much since it’s been so friggin hot. Brenty and I are eating a lot of hot dogs, sandwiches and leftovers; leftovers from all the eating out we’re doing b/c it’s too hot to turn on the oven and beer on tap just tastes better than the stuff in your fridge, ya know? 

What am I doing with my running routine? I’ve done a handful of runs since the Boilermaker, and again here I’m going to blame the heat. I’m not complaining, b/c it’s the northeast and I fully enjoy all four seasons, I’m just stating the facts: the facts are that it’s too damn hot when I get out of work in the middle of the day to go for a run, and I wake up early enough as it is and I’m not waking up any earlier to try to get a run in and I’m not the person w/ the willpower to have a healthy, light dinner and hit the trail afterwards, so….there you go.

What am I doing for Brent’s birthday? Technically this question should be what did I do for Brent’s birthday, since it was yesterday, but my blog, my rules. Brent’s dad took him to a Red Sox game on Sunday and I met up w/ him after for some drinks around town. Yesterday we did more dining out and drinking and I even sweated it out in the kitchen long enough to whip up this no bake pie. 

that's a "B", not an 8, in case you were like, um, so I guess Brent's turning 8 this year?....

What am I doing w/ this post, you’re probably asking. This isn’t a cute “currently” post recapping what I’m currently reading, binge watching and obsessing over w/ all the on trend blog topics covered. I can’t promise quality, or even consistent, content around here, but I can assure you it’s not like 100 other cookie cutter blogs. Which I don’t have a problem with anyway, b/c I happen to like cookie cutters.