Current March Mood

Somebody’s got a case of the March blues, and by somebody I mean me. The freak spring weather we got a taste of two weeks ago didn’t help. We’re in the home stretch, spring is almost here and yet….


That’s how I feel. I don’t know what’s wrong w/ me, but my right foot started bugging me yesterday at work and hasn’t gone away even though I came home immediately and iced it. And by “iced it” I mean I sat on the couch eating ice cream, b/c that’s my cure for almost everything. 

I asked my Chef about arch pain and he suggested I take a break from my Danskos for a few days. I didn’t wear them today and hoped the pain would immediately go away, but no dice. I've been limping around and have a sinking feeling the pain isn’t going away anytime soon. Could this come at a better time? Brent and I just signed up for our second 5k, we’ve found a real running groove, I’ve been logging the miles on our new treadmill….wait, could all this activity have something to do w/ my foot pain? 

Fingers crossed it clears up by the weekend. Brent and I are headed to Syracuse for some old fashioned day drinking parade fun. Last year was clear and sunny and nearly 60 degrees out. This year calls for snow and a high of 19. Boy, are we pumped! 

We haven’t let the weather defeat us (yet). Saturday we went to Providence to see The Lion King. Brent got me tickets for Christmas and I have been counting down the days (kidding) (Or am I?) I put on my best skirt and boots and even some mascara (it was an occasion) and said "fuck you, windchill." The windchill didn’t care for my attitude and promptly brought stinging tears to my eyes and cheeks. It was still fun to pretend I was a lady and shake my head at all the jeans and yoga pants I saw at the theater. I turn into a 90-year-old when I go to the theater and have to point out all the inappropriate outfits and behavior and I simply have to call it "the theater."

If you haven’t seen The Lion King (b/c you, too, are living under a rock), go find a show near you right now. It was seriously incredible. I sat in my seat, leaning forward as far as I could go, a huge kool-aid smile on my face, for the entire show. I had chills more than a few times. We stayed until the absolute end, even though I usually hustle Brent out of anything early b/c I hate crowds, b/c I couldn’t not applaud these marvelous performers.

On Sunday we bundled up for a run, which really set a nice tone for the day: sit around drinking and eating junk food. We went to movies in between, and I only had one drink b/c it was a hard cherry coke and tasted like NyQuil. We saw Manchester by the Sea and holy shit, I was not ready for that. I knew it was a drama, but it’s like, really sad. Good acting, really pretty imagery, definitely worth seeing; mentally prepare yourself b/c it’s some heavy stuff. 

And on that highly encouraging note,