Good Idea, Bad Idea: Monday Night Edition

Monday night we met some friends in the city for dinner. We went to Coppa, one of the places on my Boston’s Best list, and the food did not disappoint. Brent and I had a few beers to kill time before our reservation and I asked him if he just wanted to get nuts, who cares if it’s Monday, YOLO! Brent’s response: absolutely not. 

I guess one of us has to be an adult sometimes.

Without Brent as my sidekick, my plan wasn’t to get totes hammered on this Monday night outing. But the pre-dinner beers and the cocktails when the food arrived and grabbing more drinks at a bar before our train home probably sent my body the wrong idea. To put it mildly, it was a little aggressive for a Monday. 

It was great catching up w/ friends, though, and although it’d be easier if my Tuesday wasn’t spent with a raging headache and snacking on all the food I made for service, I’d like to make dinners in the city a regular thing for me and Brenty. There’s a zillion restaurants I want to try, and Monday or Tuesday nights are perfect b/c a lot of places run specials to up the business those nights, and I have Wednesdays off, so I could essentially get a little nuts and just regroup on Wednesday (kind of like I’m doing right now). 

It got me thinking about some other well-intentioned nights that ended up slightly awry (namely, this, this and this), and brings me to a little series I like to call: 

Good Idea, Bad Idea: Monday Night Dinner

Good idea: Enjoying a delicious dinner at a fabulous restaurant
Bad idea: Grabbing a burger and fries afterwards from the train station to tide you over on the ride home

Good idea: Talking up how handsome and attractive your friend is
Bad idea: Talking up how handsome and attractive your friend is (Brent did seem a little put out during my gushing….)

Good idea: Ordering more desserts than there are people to ensure everyone gets enough
Bad idea: Not making a move for that last ricotta doughnut #regrets 

Good idea: Setting an alarm on your phone so you don’t miss the 9pm train
Bad idea: Forgetting to set that alarm and not getting home until after midnight 

Good idea: Catching some sleep on the train ride home, since you’re up waaaaay past your normal bedtime
Bad idea: Falling asleep w/ your dress hitched up your legs and your legs splayed all over the seat