Good Idea, Bad Idea: Epcot Edition

Good idea: Making a plan of attack for our escapade around the world showcase, otherwise known as drinking around the world
Bad idea: Immediately straying from our plan of attack

Good idea: Eating a filling, healthy breakfast to fuel us for the day
Bad idea: One. Motherfucking. Banana. Not exactly lining my stomach

Good idea: A photo shoot against the gorgeous backdrop of provincial France and the Eiffel Tower
Bad idea: Awkward make-out shots, at the behest of the photographer

Good idea: Meeting up w/ beloved Disney friends for pictures and memories that would last a lifetime
Bad idea: Mauling said Disney friends w/ drunken abandon slight over-excitement 

Good idea: Making new friends from around the world
Bad idea: Taking shots w/ new friends who are essentially rando's and single-handedly putting us over the edge of sobriety 

Good idea: Heading back to the main part of the park to get our meet and greet at the character lounge for Disney cardholders
Bad idea: Badgering the cast member staffing the line into telling me who was inside; I don't care if it's supposed to be a secret, I gots ta know

Good idea: Making the wise decision to take a break from drinking and get some food in our stomachs
Bad idea: Making the foolish decision to take a break from drinking and eat at Cici's

Good idea: Character meet and greets
Bad idea: This guy


Yeewuz said…
Somehow I didn't notice this until just now but apparently we were in Tigger's bedroom. He's got his hands up like "Don't rape me!"

That pic with the randos it looks like I have my hand on her ass haha.
Brigid said…
hahahahha, I just noticed the bed, too! Damn, why are you such a creeper?