This is How You Write a Post No One Cares About Sonic

It’s just after 5pm, which is my normal dinner time. Let’s be real, my normal dinner time is whenever I want; the perks of being an adult, right there. 

Seriously, I think senior citizens are onto something w/ this early bird special business. Get in early and get on w/ your night. Or in their case, get in early and get to bed. Whatever floats your boat. Me myself, I’m a non-discriminatory eater; I don’t discriminate against any eating times. If I want to eat first dinner at 5pm, then follow it up w/ the main course a few hours later, what’s there to stop me (besides Brent, shooting me disgusted looks from the living room).

Like I was saying, 5pm = dinner time, or the excitement that comes w/ knowing that my next meal is just around the corner. Tonight, though, we’re changing it up. No thanks to this commercial, which we’ve seen about twelve million times today.

I think the twelve pack of beers we split earlier also has something to do w/ the fact that we’ll be having a later dinner. Sonic is like a 15 minute drive from here and I’m not trying to pull an Amanda Bynes. Today was one of those gorgeous Boston days that makes it impossible to not set up shop on your balcony and have a few beers. So that’s exactly what we did. We even let ol’ Binxy out for a few minutes; until I was convinced he was going to plunge to his death and hustled him right back inside. 

The later dinner time coincides nicely w/ Sonic’s half-off shakes promo, which start at 8pm. Coincidence? Nope.


You didn't have to choke down a steak at 4pm to save a couple of bucks: you wanted it. And then maybe another one at 830.
Brigid said…
and then a late-night Friendly's run at 10pm