Legends of the Summer

Originally I was going to try and do this entire post out of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z song titles. It took about one sentence for me to realize that was going to be understood by absolutely no one…least of all, me. Things like “Change clothes to a suit and tie after you rock your body w/ my love” don’t really make sense. And that was one of the better ones. 

The show on Saturday was insane. Absolutely the best show I’ve seen, hands down. Unless you count hot 107.9’s winter concert w/ Shaggy and Dream, back in like, 2000. He Loves You Not was my jam. I mean He Loves U Not, sorry for the confusion. 

My sister Beth is visiting our parents and last week I asked her to look for my old NSync shirts. I had at least 8 of those unflattering, XXL cotton tees from Spencer gifts or the likes, that none of the band ever looked attractive on. Even Justin, and if he can’t do it, there’s no hope for anyone. I was really hoping she’d find the one I had that was just a giant picture of Justin’s head. It was in his really sexy period of wearing his curls super tight and super slicked forward on his head, almost like a curly Caesar. It was a white shirt and Justin’s face was blue, and I had these baby blue rip-away mesh pants I would wear w/ it. Because baby blue was Justin’s favorite color and he was obviously going to see 12-year-old Brigid, in all her bottle-cap glasses and bushy eyebrowed glory, and be like, dayum, who’s that greasy looking mama wearing a giant blown up drawing of my head on her shirt, she sure looks wifey material.

Not only was everyone in the greater Boston area apparently going to the show; all of New England converged in Fenway on Saturday. We got to Fenway around 4 w/ plans of heading to whichever bar looked the most chill. I think Faneuil Hall would have been less crowded (Faneuil Hall being the #1 tourist attraction in the city). Fortunately my friend texted me that she was already at Sweet Caroline’s, so we headed over and just added 2 more to the party. I was pretty unimpressed w/ most of the concert-goers attire I saw. I only saw one girl in a retro NSync shirt like I had planned on wearing. And this dude near us at Sweet Caroline’s had on a shirt that said “I’m bringing sexy back.” He was definitely not. Most of the outfits were just super hoochie; b/c w/ fugly broads like Jessica Biel and Beyonce, I'm sure JT and Jay-Z are on the prowl. 

I’ve never seen a concert at Fenway before, but my sister and her friends did camp out at Bleacher Bar a few years ago when the BSB/NKOTB tour hit Boston. Bleacher Bar is cool b/c there’s a giant area that’s open and looks out onto the field. If you’re at a Sox game, you can actually see the little hole in the outfield that is the bar. It’s not the best vantage point, but it’s a bar, so who cares. Plus, you’re not paying the $9 Fenway beer prices. But since Fenway is a baseball park and not a concert venue, no one really had prime seats, unless they were on the field. Half of which was covered in tarp and blocked off, anyway. So what I’m saying is, we were all in this together, me and 5 million other JT and Jay-Z fans who paid obscene prices for the tickets and the beer we were throwing back while watching the action on the screens.

Totally worth it. I saw Jay-Z when he and Kanye came here for Watch the Throne, and it was awesome. Seriously, awe-inspiring. I’ve seen my man JT a bunch of times, which all paled in comparison to the show he put on Saturday. I took so many fab pics.


Oh wait, my camera battery died the second I turned it on, and our seats were crap so my phone pictures are crap. 

not of the concert, but the only decent picture, so I had to post it

again, not of the concert, but Dana looks so excited, I had to post it

if you squint really really hard, you can barely make out the Jay-Z & Justin where the team names are usually posted. I was going to enlarge it, but that just emphasized how blurry it was. 

Ow-ow. If my career if writing posts consisting solely of song titles doesn’t take off, good thing I have a backup photography plan.


Yeewuz said…
My Love, Show Me What You Got for sentence/song titles. Can I Get A… Encore for my efforts Until the End of Time? Senorita, don’t Cry Me a River because you Lost One… I’m already On to the Next One.
I got 99 problems but a grease mop ain't one ( who are we kidding, it is)
All I need in this life of sin is me and my sock bun.
It makes me ill that space cowboy wasn't referenced, but I'm glad the hot 107.9 concert was. If only we knew someone had a tee shirt...
It's a hard knock life for girls girls girls girls.
Brigid said…
omg Beth, I was crying over these!