Don't Mind If I Do, Disney

I love free shit. A free pen for stopping by your non-profit's table at a career fair? A free t-shirt for signing up for a credit card? Don't mind if I do. Never mind that now I'm on some listserv and doomed to get daily email updates about some non-profit I have no interest in, or that the t-shirt is some awful off-gray color and three sizes too big.

When Brent mentioned we would be able to get a character meet and greet and free 5x7 photo at the lounge for Disney cardholders, I was in like Flynn. The only hiccup to this plan was that the lounge didn't open until 1pm, at which point we were well into our tour of the world showcase aka drinking our way through Epcot. We can't be the only drunk people here, we reasoned as we walked back toward the part of the park where our meet and greet was. You know, the part of the park away from all the bars, teeming with strollers instead of shot glasses. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we were the only drunk people there.

Which is probably the reason I don't remember why I wanted to get "We're Engaged" scrawled across our free picture.

Just b/c it's free doesn't mean it's a good idea; we didn't even get engaged here. 

According to Brent I needed it, though. And these buttons, apparently? Which, PS, Brent doesn't remember getting either. Damn right I'm going to rock these the rest of our trip; just imagine the free shit it could lead to.


Stephanie said…
HAHAHA! Hell. Yes.
Brigid said…
Being drunk at Disney is acceptable, right?