Proof I'm Going to be a Great Mom

I feel like I have to preface this post w/ a disclaimer of some sort, before I have an enraged PETA after me, or something equally as horrible. You know, b/c so many people read this blog and I don't want to cause an uproar.

Disclaimer: I'm not a bad cat mama. I'm just forgetful. 

I was at work yesterday thinking of all the fun Brent and I are going to have in Syracuse this weekend. Hitting up the standard bars, swinging by Heid's, probably a Wegman's run or two (obviously, all my must-do's revolve around alcohol and food). I was thinking about how excited I was to see Max, my parents' cat. Then I had a disturbing realization: Binx. On his own. For three days. 

I called Brent frantically, knowing he would have some words of wisdom. Brent's words of wisdom: "shit, I didn't think of that, either." We really complement each other, don't ya think?

A Google search introduced us to the world of automatic pet feeders. Wait, you mean I don't have to drag my ass out of bed at 6am on Sundays to quiet that meowing monster? What else am I doing wrong w/ my life?

It's not like I actually forgot about Binx. It's just that I have this gap between reality and the idea I have in my head of the world (some might call that fantasy). Binx has been on my lap nearly every night this week while I'm emailing venues and confirming times to meet on Saturday, but I haven't made the connection that, oh, we'll be out of town all weekend, might wanna set up a plan for the cat on your lap who won't be joining you. 

I picked up the feeder at PetSmart and was already feeling better about myself. Until I read the instructions that explicitly said to allow for several weeks for your cat to become accustomed to the feeder before leaving him alone w/ it for any period of time. I shrugged off this notice, certain that my Binxy is a fast learner.

Fast learner, indeed. He figured out where the food is released and had his paw up there half the night, like someone who's Twix didn't drop from the vending machine and thinks they can reach up through the opening to get the candy. Brent suggested we cover up the food, so Binx only sees the bowl; out of sight, out of mind? (ha; remember babe: Binx is like his mom, he's not easily deterred when food is involved) 

what's that sheik doing in my house, you wonder? nope, just our automatic guest feeder, fooling absolutely no one at all

I came home from work today and ran into the guest room, expecting to see the feeder knocked over and Binx eating 4 days worth of food. Instead, the feeder was upright and Binx was eating out of it. When he saw me, he started eating even faster, knowing that he doesn't get a midday meal and I was there to stop the gravy train. When we programmed the feeder, we accidentally scheduled a lunch. I haven't seen Binx this excited since the nest of baby birds hatched on the roof next door last spring. 

I have about zero confidence in this pet feeder getting out 2 meals a day while we're gone. I have even less confidence that Binxy won't figure out how to knock it open. Like mother, like cat; we may be a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but you bet your ass we won't stop until we retrieve those fries.