Thoughts From My Run this Morning

How 'bout looking both ways before you blow by that stop sigh, douche canoe?

62 and cloudy, my ass. 

The sun is literally blinding. Shouldn't it be fall by now?

Are these kids w/ books and backpacks going back to school? Is it really fall already?

Hey kids, can you move any slower. And by all means, please, walk five abreast so no one can get by you. 

I'm really feeling this Beyonce. Partner, let me upgrade you.

For the love of God, no more Sasha Fierce. Why the hell isn't my playlist on shuffle?

Ugh, Brent totally switched off shuffle when he was listening to my iPod on the plane. That little shit. 

I'm so excited about going to look at wedding venues this weekend! God, I love that guy.

My strides are really in sync right now.

I probably look so legit in my color coordinated outfit.

Must. Stop. Immediately. Need. Water.

Did that dude on the phone just pass me?

Who runs in August? This is some sadistic shit, Brig. 

Why did I think I could bang out 4 miles after a week of drinking around Disney?

I think I have another mile in me. 

All right, end the route by Rite Aid so you can get a pint of Cherry Garcia.

Have you learned absolutely nothing, fatty?

Fuck. This.


Stephanie said…
Hahaha. Yup. Well, I don't run, but I think those things when I take 2 flights of stairs up to my apartment. Totally the same thing.
Brigid said…
Stairs are even worse than running. You'll find me on the elevator to our place on the 3rd floor...unless Brent shames me into the stairs b/c there's an entire family waiting or something. Damn kids.