Good Idea, Bad Idea: Celtics Edition

Good idea: Going out to support the Celts for their first game of the season
Bad idea: Forgetting it’s a Tuesday and getting absolutely hammered

Good idea: Drinking beer so you don’t get too drunk
Bad idea: Pounding a 22oz pumpkin ale before the server can even put your water glass down. And then switching to pitchers b/c it’s more economical

Good idea: Ordering a salad for dinner. Not only are you eating a real meal, so you won’t fill up on empty calories of bar food, but a salad to boot! You go Glen Coco!
Bad idea: Continuing to eat your way through the night. Including swiping food from your friend’s plate when he’s not looking (he was totally looking) and making your boyfriend take you to CVS for chips (what? you need a snack for the train ride home) and then to a gas station b/c you need a Nutrageous. 

Good idea: Taking a cab home so no one will try to swipe any of your chips
Bad idea: Making it stop at Rite-Aid so you can get more snacks. And then throwing a tantrum in the parking lot b/c it’s 10:01 and they close at 10:00.

Good idea: Taking a picture so everyone will believe that you met one of the Patriot’s 
Bad idea: Flashing the ravioli you just bought for second dinner.


Stephanie said…
Well that's just awesome. And none of those bad things are really THAT bad...
Brigid said…
Riiiight? That's what I tell myself, at least...
Anonymous said…
I have no doubt that any of this happened. I enjoy the list of foods. You go, Glen Coco.