Miles Away From Ordinary

B and I have spent the last few hours sipping Coronas and playing songs for each other on YouTube. 

Don't hate, we were up at 5am to drive the Haleakala crater. Did you know the higher the elevation the colder the temp? Me either. Thank God for the shirt B left in the car, or I would have looked ridiculous up there in my shorts and halter. Especially next to all the wusses who had on winter jackets. Drama queens, for sure. 

I'm trying not to neglect my hordes of followers (Beth, ahem), but who blogs on vacation? Particularly when they're in Maui during their birthday week? 

...this girl.

"Do people your age blog?" 

Thanks, babe, you know just what a girl wants to hear on her birthday. 

Lucky for me the Pacific is especially rowdy tonight. Everyone will think his drowning was accidental ; )


Jen said…
Hope you're having a fantastic time! I'll be heading to the aloha state in February :)
Brigid said…
It was a fantastic time! You're going to have a blast...especially leaving the cold in a month like February!