On (Not) Outsmarting Mother Nature

You’re welcome, residents of Boston. This little thing called Murphy’s Law is in full effect today, and you’re reaping all the benefits.

A little thing called Hurricane Sandy swept through our neck-of-the woods yesterday. I found out I didn’t have work yesterday while we watching The Walking Dead Sunday night. I was a little distracted for the second half of the episode; victory dancing will do that to you. Poor B kept checking his email for the same good news. Which never came. He did get to leave work early yesterday, though. The trains stopped running at 2pm, so he was home well before then to enjoy a balanced lunch of meatballs and french fries. Hey, we had to clear out our freezer, just in case, right? 

The worst of it is supposed to be over, but I figured tody would be all clouds and rain. I didn’t want to deal w/ winds blowing rain and blurring my vision, so I opted for my contacts over my glasses. I don’t think I’ve worn contacts here since my first day. When I walked in, the security desk in the lobby called me over to double check that I really worked here. 

I even wore my knee-high, heavy duty wellies for the occasion. The bright yellow ones that I needed b/c they reminded me of pre-school. Not that I had yellow wellies in pre-school (please, I had hand-me-down ducks from my sisters that were so cracked the only thing they kept away was potential friends). I just always wanted a pair, is all. 

So I’m all prepared in my rain boots and contacts this morning, swaddled up in my scarf and holding my umbrella like a wand to ward off any rain. And what do you know? I step outside to the mildest day we’ve had here since August. It was like, 62 degrees. 

Is this a joke? Yesterday we thought our balcony furniture was going to crash through the sliding door and kill us while we watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Today I’m blinded by the sunlight streaming in from the windows near my desk. 

I don’t know who Murphy was, but his law is one gnarly betch.

I mean, which ones would you want as a little girl?
Or as a 26-year-old...


Michele said…
Glad you're okay!!
Malory said…
Ah Christ I had those damn duckies too. And also not many friends. Huh. Finally seeing the correlation.
Malory said…
Ah Christ I had those damn duckies too. And also not many friends. Huh. Finally seeing the correlation.
Brigid said…
Thanks Michele! I'm glad all you guys lost was a tree or two. And I LOVED your marathon recap = )

@Malory: It's nice to know someone else knows the pain of those damn ducks.