Paying Homage

Is this a joke, Monday? Because I’m not laughing. Seems like I was just walking out of this place Friday at 4:45 5. And now I'm back at it. Isn’t that always the case?

The last three days have been stuffed w/ alcohol, grease and processed cheese snacks. I was actually looking forward to Monday to get me back on track. I’m always hopeful Monday morning. Then comes 5 o’clock and I’m like, eh, feels like a nacho night. I could go for a drink or three, followed by a quick jaunt to the golden arches. I mean, we’re ONE GAME PIECE away from winning a million dollars in Monopoly. It would be financially irresponsible not to go.

It was also a weekend filled w/ catching up w/ old friends. I have about four friends in Boston, and this weekend I saw them all. What’s better than drinking and dancing the night away, followed by 2am Taco Bell trips? If there's more to life than 5-layer burritos, I can't even wrap my head around it.

B was a real trooper. Driving me to my friends house all the way across town was one thing. But picking me up five hours later, when there were drunks staggering through the streets like a game of Frogger? And then taking my incoherent ass to three different food places b/c I couldn’t make up my mind? 

cheers to you, BB! you probably needed a drink (or five) after Saturday night...

Sure do appreciate it. You know I’d probably do the same for you. As long as it isn’t raining or snowing outside, and I’m already awake and not invested in a Lifetime movie riveting television. Other than that, I’m available.


Michele said…
What a great girlfriend you are! (Oh wait, no B is a great boyfriend!) ;)
Brigid said…
I don't want to give him too big of a head, but yeah, he is, haha.

I'm pretty great too...most of the time ; )
Stephy Marie said…
Bahaha love it! I still like those nights (every now and then... my body just can NOT handle it since I've had a babe) meeting up with old friends/close friends. Always so memorable.. or blurry :)
Stephanie said…
Hey you're 1 piece closer to a million than I am. Get it girl!
Brigid said…
Those are the best nights. Can't seem to hang w/ them as much anymore. It's rough getting older!

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