Wiggin Out

I have a serious problem. Halloween is fast approaching. This isn’t the problem, obviously. Halloween is like, the best holiday ever. An excuse to dress up, bar hop and get sick off candy? Sounds like a little slice of heaven. 

My problem is that I’m too cheap fiscally conservative to spend big bucks on my costume, and at the same time, too lazy creatively-challenged to whip something up from what I already own. This has been a problem every October since I graduated college. In college, all my friends were crafty as shit. I’d play the whole “but you do it so much better than me” card and get off scott free. I’d give them money when they hit up Michael's, and I’d provide the beer when we all got together to make the costumes. Then, when they were busy actually making said costumes, I’d drink all the beer.

So...who wants to come make my Halloween costume? I’ll buy more beer this time. I’ll even sweeten the deal with some cheese and crackers.

Actually, I’m pretty set w/ my costumes this year, thanks for asking. B and I found these huge ass stickers of eyes, lips, and such at our local costume shop. For the party this weekend, we’re going to wear brown shirts, stick them all over ourselves, and go as Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Try not to be jealous that you didn’t think of this. Or of the fact that I’m essentially going as a fat, shit-colored starch.

For the bar crawl next weekend, we wanted to exert some effort. People go all out at this thing, and I’m not going to be the asshat who didn’t plan her costume in advance and had to stick on a pair of giraffe ears b/c her iPod costume was literally falling apart on her bedroom floor. Not that this happened to me last year, or anything.

my friends have been cropped out to save themselves the embarrassment of being w/ "that girl"

My problem is that I’ve been cursed blessed w/ what hairdressers like to call fine hair. I call it limp noodle. Seriously, that's how it looks. Like a limp fucking noodle. And I think it stopped growing back in April. So I’m left with this pathetic little ponytail, when my costume calls for a nice, thick head of hair I can twist into a braid.

So my question pertains to extensions. Where can I get them? Do they work? Are they hard to put in? I basically can’t do anything more complicated than putting my hair in a ponytail. If I’m feeling lucky, I might do a poof in that pony. But don’t count on it.

I was getting pretty overwhelmed looking online. But I was also getting pretty inspired. Forget Halloween, I’m thinking of adding this into my everyday repertoire. Face paint and all.


Yeewuz said…
More like your friend was cropped out because HE was an embarrassment that night.
Brigid said…
Well, that, too.
Stephanie said…
Please dress like that daily. The extensions, the makeup, add some giraffee ears.
And a brown shirt.
Sorry I know nothing about extensions! I do have friends that swear by their Jessica Simpson weaves but they look awfully complicated and also like roadkill.
Brigid said…
Hmm, I think I could pull it off, right?

As for the roadkill-esque extensions? Maybe I will just stick w/ what mama gave me...