Some Sunshine

It’s been gray in Boston for the past four days. Maybe even longer. We just got back in town on Sunday, so I’m only figuring from then. Four days of cold and clouds is enough to make anyone’s week miserable. 

So I’m putting some sun back in my week (insert Hawaii pics here).

Last week B and I were lounging on beaches, cavorting with schools of neon fish. We were learning the ways of the island, like how to surf and swim with sea turtles.

We were eating the most delectable pineapple in the world and getting drunk on Mai Tai’s and Bud Light exotic beers.

This week I’m back to the grind of 6:15 wake-ups and crowded commutes. I’ve overslept both days and dealt with the same large, loud woman crowding me into a corner of the train and having her opinions in my ear while I try to read my book. 

The week after vacation is without a doubt the worst week of your life. The dread of going back to work after being out and carefree for so long almost makes me not want to go on vacation to begin with.


Haha. Yeah, right.


Stephanie said…
Hawaii suits you. You look so pretty in every photo. Even in the swimming with sea turtles one, which is inherently unfair because no one ever looks good before/after swimming with sea creatures.
Brigid said…
Why thank you!

I think it was the sunny weather and warm water and delicious're just happy all the time there! And it shows in the pictures = )