A Total Sweat Sesh

The sun is out. The last presidential debate is tonight. And I’ve got more than a few things to look forward to this week (guess who was just added to the holiday planning committee? I’m pretty psyched, what of it?)

Are you puking from my cheerfulness yet?

The only downside today, besides the inevitable miseries that always accompany Monday, is that it marks the end of such a fab weekend. The weather, the people, the festivities; it was indeed one for the books. I meant to have some pics ready from “Halloween part 1”, but I couldn’t NOT blog about my fab Saturday run. So I decided to get the boring run post out of the way. Words now, pics later.

I’m not proud of the fact that my running has been less than regular lately. I went a few times in Hawaii, but that was already two (three? Holy shit, where did October go?) weeks ago. I fully intended to go out once last week, but my couch talked me out of it, the cunning little temptress that she is.

I was a little nervous on Saturday about how far I could go. My runs in Hawaii were more about exploring the beaches, not getting in a good sweat sesh (let’s be honest, the Maui weather made practically everything a sweat sesh) #gross 

Rather than dwell on it, I turned on my iPod and tuned out my anxiety. It was gorgeous out, a summer day, back for one final hurrah. The beautiful weather meant it was a total sweat sesh (ew, now I can’t stop using that term), but it was totally worth it. When I got home, red-faced and panting, I was anxious to map my route. Turns out I ran just under 3.5 miles. Not bad for someone who polished off half the Taco Bell menu the night before.

I want to sign up for a nearby 5 or 10k. I keep saying this, and I need to just do it, Nike style. Any suggestions?


Michele said…
Come to PA the weekend of Nov 10/11, and do the Lemon Run with us! It's a 5K on Sunday, and we do it in memory of Peter's brother. We'd LOVE to have you! You can even stay at Casa Haytko if you want :)
Sarah said…
You need to get these apps to help keep you on track: MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal. The first tracks your workouts, and the second lets you log calories. They are helping me out a lot.

And I hear you about the couch. She is a cruel, cruel mistress.
Brigid said…
@Michele: I want to take a trip to PA! Sarah is taking foreverrr to get back to me about dates...

@Sarah: hmmm, I should look into those apps. I just signed Brent and I up for a 5k in November. That should help get us in gear!