Hurricane A Comin'

Schools across Massachusetts have already been closed tomorrow. Non-essential government employees are advised to stay home. Sometimes it’s just so hard being essential at what you do. 

Every news update tells a different story. Some say suburbs north of Boston will be hit only moderately. Others say we should expect to lose power. Guess I shouldn’t have gone to the supermarket this morning and bought a shit-ton of perishables. I just can’t say no to a good deal on produce. If the power goes, at least we’ll have enough carrots, mushrooms and cucumbers to throw together a kick-ass veggie tray to bring to the hurricane shelter. 

I try not to worry in these situations. We’ve got a case of water untouched from the last hurricane scare and a few scented candles. Seems like a pretty solid stash. Good thing we drank all the beer in our fridge this weekend. Skunked beer will be one less thing to worry about. 

I’m more worried for my fam. Syracuse looks like it could get hit hard. And the Jersey/Philadelphia area looks like it could get slammed. Sarah, stock up on your orange cinnamon candles to keep your Scattergories and Rack-o tournaments well- lit and smelling fresh. 

I think I’ll prepare by popping in The Little Mermaid. Eric and Grimsby handle that ship like a pro. Until the fire breaks out and the ship sinks and Eric nearly drowns at sea. After watching that scene, the lack of preparation I’ve done will make me feel like the Red Cross.


Sarah said…
B just started a Vanilla Velvet candle so hopefully that will mask the fact I haven't scooped the cat box out since Friday morning. My case of bottled water is still in the car because I didn't feel like hauling it in yesterday. Can you tell that I am also prepared?
Brigid said…
haha, nothing that rack-o and a case of beer can't fix.