Tuesday Museday

It's 50 degrees today (allegedly)! I haven't been outside, and I'm chomping at the bit asking Brent if he's ready for a walk yet. His response? Not yet, Olaf. If you haven't watched Olaf's Frozen Adventure on Disney+ drop everything and go do that now. It'll be the cutest half hour of your day. Or just pull up a clip of the first two minutes to get this reference.

I'm feeling a little sore today from a killer massage I had yesterday. It was a total spur-of-the-moment Treat Myself Tuesday opportunity, and I am so glad I did it. Am I the only person who wonders what their pain threshold is compared to everyone else? I like to think I'm a total baddie who doesn't bat an eye at excruciating pain. Sure, I'll complain about it (ask Brent), but I'll endure it. But like, how can we ever know how severe our pain is compared to what others deal with? Is my chronic back/neck pain what other people are living with, no complaints? If Brent dealt with it for a month would he crack under the pressure and apologize for ever doubting me?

I took the time to actually stretch when I got out of bed this morning and it felt amazing. I have a mental reminder to stretch before bed, but I never do, telling myself I'll do it in the morning. Then I wake up cold and groggy and tell myself I'll do it at the end of the day....you see where this is going.

Last night's dinner was the baked feta pasta that broke the internet b/c I couldn't last one more day without trying it for myself. It was crazy good. Easy to prep, most of the time is hands off baking, and your house smells delicious. If that doesn't sway you to go buy a brick of feta, the fact that it tastes amazing should further convince you. I followed the suggestions from this recipe and Brent and I wolfed down every bite.

It's been a weird few weeks. I'm have a small gum graft tomorrow, and as fun as that sounds, I'm trying not to think about it while it's simultaneously all I can think about. It should be relatively quick and painless, but the fact that I'll be awake for it terrifies me. Why can't they just knock me out and wake me up when it's over? Brent took the day off to drive me and help monitor my discomfort throughout the day (well, he did take it off to drive me, but he doesn't know about the second part of his job yet). The worst part about all of this is that dental insurance is a joke and even though neither of us has had anything outside of our regular checkups for the last decade, I'll still be paying thousands of dollars.

I've been milking this surgery as an excuse to devour the crap I won't be able to eat (for like three days) post-graft. Now I'm off to eat a whole bag of crunchy and pointy chips. I hope your afternoon is just as exciting.


Yeewuz said…
I would totally be up for "monitoring your discomfort throughout the day" but you're such a "total baddie who doesn't bat an eye at excruciating pain" that I'll have nothing to do! :P
Anne said…
Totally random, but I'm a nurse, and pain is viewed as completely subjective experience... which is why we try to use those annoying 0-10 scales. Because if it's YOUR 10, then we know that it's bad for you, and should do something about it. But your 10 may be my 2, and vice versa.
Also, dental work is never fun. Hope it went well.
Brigid said…
@Anne, I had no idea! I understand that pain is subjective, but I didn't translate that to my 10 being your 2, or whatever. That's something to think about! The procedure went smoothly and seems to be healing well, so all good things, thank you.