Well That's One Reason to Spring Clean the Duvet

Not the guilty party; I like to think he couldn't even look when he saw it happening 

I woke up in a great mood, which is odd considering Munch took a shit on our bed last night, prompting a sheet-and-duvet-changing party that doesn't coincide with my normal evening wind down. I'm not exaggerating; I was in the bedroom changing into pajamas, about to throw my clothes from the day onto the bed, when I saw something that made me gag. A literal shit in the middle of our bed. Luckily, it wasn't steaming or smelly, but WTF?!

Sometimes I think I love these cats and sometimes I really miss Binx, knowing that he might vomit all over the carpet, but he would never take a shit in our bed.

I think a lot of my good mood is due to the fact that I'm going to see my parents today after nearly 9 months. They received their shots earlier this year and are fully vaccinated. I'm so happy that they'll get to start living their lives again, starting with visits to my sisters and me. It's a quick visit -they're getting in this afternoon and leaving Sunday- so I didn't pack it with the loaded agenda I normally would. Mostly because the things we would normally do aren't necessarily available, but also b/c my parents are getting older and that's something I'm struggling with. So instead of rolling my eyes at Brent when my Mom tells us the same story again or when my Dad leaves food out and the cats track it all over the house, I'm simply going to enjoy our time together.

I'm also high over the fact that I just finished a great book. Sometimes that makes me sad that my time with the characters and story is over, but in this case, I feel inspired. It was The Rose Code by Kate Quinn and it was such a wild ride filled with brilliant and courageous women and a truly satisfying ending. Then in the epilogue you learn it's based on real people and you're like, wow, if these women can live such brave and exhilarating lives in WWII London, what's stopping me from doing it now? We just finished season three of The Crown and it was neat seeing some of the characters appear in the book. I've loved everything I've read by Quinn, but this was probably my favorite.

I'm also really excited because we recently got an air fryer and I can't wait to try french fries in it. I've heard they actually get crispy, not like when you bake them in the oven and they pretend to get crispy, but it's soggy disappointment. I put tuna sandwiches and french fries on the menu tonight, mostly so I can make the fries in the air fryer. I think my Dad will get a kick out of it and have a bunch of questions that I don't know the answer to, so that'll be fun, too. Happy Friday!


Anne said…
OK, the cat story is gross. Thank you for reminding me why I don't have cats (other than they make me sneeze...). So glad you will get to see your parents! That's awesome. I can't wait to see mine - waiting until I am fully vaccinated too and then I'm going as soon as I can after that. And, I am the one person in the Universe who does not like WWII fiction, so unfortunately I will not be taking your recommendation... but I'm glad you loved it! :)
Brigid said…
Cats can be gross, but I'll take them over (most) children, haha. The visit with my parents was great; I hope you will be vaccinated soon and on your way to see your own!