My Incompetence Paid Off

Anyone who’s ever worked in customer service will tell you straight up: the old “the customer’s always right” refrain is about as accurate as (b/c a 50% chance of precipitation is a pretty safe bet, guys).

A more correct statement would be "the customer’s often mistaken" or "the customer’s probably a prick" b/c that seems to be a pretty fair assessment of half the people I have to serve. It boggles my mind how people speak to others; I’ve had my share of shit jobs from fast food to retail and this continues to amaze me. The way you treat the people who wait on you -whether it’s your hair, your nails, your meal, whatever- speaks volumes.

I’ll be the first to admit customer service isn’t my strong suit. Probably b/c I don’t give a shit have the patience. I’m trying to work on this at the bakery. I love cookies and cakes and cannoli’s so when a customer has questions about these things I’m excited to help them out. When a customer changes their order ten times I’m not so excited. The other day I was boxing some cookies for a man who said he wanted a pound. He’s piling on the butter cookies and shows no sign of slowing down as we approach the macaroons, so I’m thinking he’s going to need a bigger box. Before I can do anything, the owner appears and is all “those aren’t going to fit in there” and swoops in to do the guy’s order. Then she tells me to fill eclairs. When the midday rush comes in and one of the girls comes back to say they’re really busy and could use some help, the owner keeps me filling those eclairs. 

To be honest, it was pretty great. I was singing along w/ the Christmas songs in my Santa hat, giving zero shits to all the whiny customers and their demands for one, no two, no half a dozen mini pastries.

Eating my brownie like: