Why the Kids are All Right

Man, do I love my neighbors. Not the actual people themselves; I don’t even know their names. I do know that they’re annoying families whose kids run rampant down our hallway and stomp all over our doormat, the bright SYRACUSE mat being the only spot of color among all these boring folks. But back to how much I love them; b/c no matter how shitty my day is going, stepping outside and hearing that banshee wail from the apartment down the hall will certainly put a smile on my face. A smile b/c those shrieking animals aren’t mine. Not that I’m a kid hater or anything; I just prefer not to hear them sound like they just watched Mickey Mouse get bludgeoned to death. 

At the risk of sounding like the curmudgeony get-off-my-lawn type, I’m on to other, more accepted things that put a smile on my face. Like walking out the door and seeing the decorations the building must have put up last night. 

Brent and I hung our own little decorations this weekend. These are pretty much the extent of our Christmas decorations just too cute. Beth and I were digging through the ransacked clearance aisle at Target last January and I didn’t even remember about them until Brent found them in storage couldn’t wait to put them out this year.

Now I'm off to whip up some hot chocolate from a pouch, topped w/ a billion mini 'mallows. We keep things real traditional around here.