Bed Bath & Beyonce

Someone graffiti-ed that on the side of the BB&B over near Fenway. Or so I heard. I don’t live on the green line, so I wouldn’t know. The green line is nothing but drunk Sox fans and stupid over privileged BU kids, so I try to steer clear (when I’m not headed to a Sox game or some cheap college dive). 

The recent graffiti was probably in anticipation of Queen Bey and Jay heading into town this week. They played last night to a sold out show in Gillette. Gronk was there. Fans tailgated before the show and waited in three hours of traffic to get home at 3 in the morning. Or so I heard. I wasn’t rich slash cool slash interested enough in going. 

Okay, the last part’s a lie. I was totally interested in going, I just forgot that July would sneak up on me so soon. I mean, next week is already my jury duty date I hung on the fridge three months ago when I got the notice and was all cavalier about it, like, psssh, that’s so far in the future, they’ll be sure to call me off by then. 

....Still waiting on that call off.

I’ve seen Jay-Z in concert. Twice; no biggie, I’m just that cool. Beyonce though? No such luck. I tell myself that Jay and Kanye was probably a better show, that Jay and JT was definitely a better show. But I already kinda know that nothing would compare to Jay and Bey up on stage. Le sigh.

And this, my friends, is why you don't drink and blog.