That picture of Binxy totally reminds me of one of those motivational "Hang in there!" posters you see hanging near the desk of elderly school secretaries and dentist offices (except those posters don't have Brent, oblivious in the background). I thought it was only fitting that I use it for a post where I'm airing my pet peeves...and b/c he's my pet. God, I'm clever. 

--People who don’t put the shopping carts back in the designated corrals in the parking lot. The deepest circle of hell is for people who just leave them in the middle of a parking spot. Then when you’re cruising the lot and find the jackpot of all spots you go to pull in until you see there’s actually a shopping cart some asshat left behind to ruin the spot for everyone. 

--People who stand still on the left side of the escalator; or better yet, the douche canoes who stand in the middle of the escalator, putting an arm out on either hand rail, and just chill for the ascent up. I know I’m beating a dead horse here w/ this complaint but seriously, it boils my blood every time. The sidewalk is like the highway is like the escalator; if you’re taking your sweet time, mosey on over to the right side, the left side is for people who are passing. This isn’t that hard a concept. 

--When your total is whatever dollars and one cent and the cashier actually makes you pay that cent…and then proceeds to hand you ninety-nine cents in change.

--When your iPod dies not even one full song into your run #firstworldproblems

--When you plan your post office visit around the lunch breaks of the offices in the area (b/c, hello, everyone and their mom goes to the post office on their lunch break), and still, still somehow find yourself waiting for no less than 20 minutes. 

--When you get a ticket for an expired meter b/c who the hell has quarters anymore?

--When you decide to pay that parking ticket only to realize that b/c it was issued in a quaint New England town, they don’t offer the options to pay online or over the phone. I don’t even know the last time I wrote a check.

--Speaking of checks….when you get stuck behind someone in line at the grocery store paying w/ a check (sorry, Mom, it’s pretty annoying).


Sarah said…
The Wegman's I go to has at least 4 cart corrals in the parking lot. Once you are there, they ask you put the small carts on the left and the large carts on the right. This is not too much to handle. Tonight when I returned my cart, there were 2 large carts askew under the corral. I wanted to throttle someone. I was glad they didn't leave it to drift in the parking lot, but if they took the trouble to bring the cart to the corral, it seems like they could take the extra 2 seconds and make sure it lines up where it's supposed to go.