Summa, Summa, Summatime

Just call me Big Willie, over here. Or lazy ass, b/c that’s how I feel on the blog front. I don’t feel too bad about it, except that my phone gets clogged up w/ all these pictures that I take for the sole purpose of sharing on the blog, and then I don’t and then I have to spend a good twenty minutes going through my phone and being like, ew, why did I think anyone would want to see that pizza I made anyway? I mean, it was damn tasty, but that’s not conveyed through the unevenly rolled crust and burnt bubbly patches of cheese, now, is it? 

But you know what people like? Cupcakes. And patriotism. So feast your eyes on this, ‘Merica.

I’ve never made cupcakes from scratch before. It wasn’t that hard and they definitely tasted better than from a box. But I’ll keep my boxed mixes on hand b/c you can make some pretty good shit w/ cake mixes; why reinvent the wheel, ya know? I went all out w/ the cakes and bought heavy cream w/ the intention of whipping it…and then I was too impatient to wait for them to cool all the way, make the cream and pipe it on, so I just opted for the ReddiWhip in my fridge and called it a 4th of July. I was feeling extra festive and dumped a whole bunch of pop rocks in the cupcakes, too; I highly suggest you do the same.

People also like flowers, I think? I’m no Instagram wiz, but this picture got one whole like. That’s one more than I usually get, so I’m gonna brag about said picture here, obv.

Earlier in the week Brent forwarded me an article about a free concert on Wednesday. It wasn’t just any free concert; it wasthe mothereffing Spin Doctors. 

not the Spin Doctors 

definitely the Spin Doctors 

If you don’t know my obsession w/ the song “Two Princes” I don’t think you really know me. And if you’re not rocking out to that song w/ my every time it comes on the radio (which is actually a decent amount; listen, now you’ll hear it everywhere) then we definitely can’t be friends. 

The concert was pretty well attended when we first showed up and saw that the Spin Doctors didn't take the stage until 8, and it seemed like a pretty good crowd when we came back five minutes before it ended to catch "Two Princes." We were sitting in a bar across from the venue and heard “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” about a half hour earlier and were content to listen to it from the bar, mostly b/c we had just ordered more beer. But then I had to hustle Brent out of there so we could make it in time for me to be the only crazed fan shouting back at them “just go ahead now!” whenever they held up the mic to the crowd. Brent said when I stood up and started dancing the phones came out and at least three people took a video of me. So keep your eyes peeled for that viral video of the drunk girl going bananas over a jam band from the 90’s.