Sexy Stud Muffin Saturday

January 31st is amaze not only b/c it’s the last day of January, which is unarguably the worst month of the year, but also b/c it was the day of birth for this sexy stud muffin.

Look at that, a new insta hashtag is born: #ssms = sexy stud muffin Saturday. You’re welcome.

My dad called me and when I answered he shouted “Happy birthday! Happy birthday!” I was a little confused, since it’s certainly not my birthday. Not even my half birthday yet. When I didn’t respond, he said, “You know whose birthday is today? Your first true love.” And I knew immediately. Justin Timberlake WAS my first true love, so thanks dad, for really knowing your youngest daughter. I don’t think I left him much choice, w/ the posters covering every inch of my room, the marionettes setting up shop in one corner, and my insistence to record every single appearance *N Sync made on television (basic cable anyway, since we didn’t have MTV access until high school; by then, I was too cool to tape things off the television. And by too cool I mean I would ask my dad to tape things while I was at cosmic bowling). 

I was going to do a “Best of Justin” post and parade a whole bunch of pictures of him through the years, but decided that seeing pictures of himself w/ hair à la ramen noodle and cornrowed up isn’t the way Justin wanted to celebrate his birthday. Because obviously my blog is on his radar.

So I’m keeping it short and sweet today; it’s Saturday after all, which means the blog world basically doesn’t exist. If a blogger posts something on the weekend, did it really happen? Chew on that. I’m off to prep a little more for our big super bowl soiree tomorrow. Celery stalks. Store bought hummus. Bud light. What can I say, I know what my guests want.