Best Wishes and Weenies

It’s hard to believe that at this time last year, Brent and I were wondering why we didn’t just elope already putting the finishing touches on our upcoming wedding, and now, a year later, we’re helping my sister do the same for her November ceremony (the “we” I’m referring to is me and my sisters, obviously).

The shower and the bachelorette have come and gone, the invitations have been sent, and there’s not much left to do now but sit tight until the rehearsal dinner. Not much left for me, I mean; my sister and Charlie are in that fun time when all the vendors want money and the seating chart needs to be made and you’re wondering why the hell you thought you could pull off any of those Pinterest ideas. Enjoy it guys, it really is a magical time. 

Since I kind of skipped out on blogging this summer, but had some amazing milestones, I wanted to come back and basically post a boatload of pictures. Let’s just jump right in.

Their shower was a Jack-and-Jill affair back in August, and it was perfect. Beautiful weather, the best friends and family, and tons of booze. What more do you need? Oh, and these amazing desserts.

 The only pictures I took at the shower were of the desserts I made, and us doing shots at the bar in my Aunt’s basement. You know, the important parts of the day. Once cake and alcohol are taken care of, the rest of the party just kind of runs itself. 

The bachelorette was at the end of September. I was crazy excited for it b/c I haven’t been to Chicago in years, and we haven’t had a sister weekend in a loooong time (not that Brent and the other bae hanging around isn’t a great time, but a solid sister weekend was long overdue). We’ve done most of the touristy stuff in our early visits, so all we wanted to do this time was lounge around Mo’s new apartment eating peanut butter M&M’s before consuming enormous amounts of alcohol and soaking it up w/ 3am deep dish. Mission accomplished.

Actually, we didn’t get deep dish, but all the other junk on hand lessened the pain. We’ll be back in a few weeks for the wedding, anyway. Brent’s never been to Chicago, so I’m already making a list of what to do. First stop: pizzeria Uno’s. I hear it’s the real deal.