Still Hopeful About Mindy

When Mindy Kaling announced she was writing a second book, I was super excited. I really liked her first book, and besides that, I think Mindy and I would get along famously. I reviewed her first book here and sent at open plea for her friendship here (still waiting to hear back, but I remain hopeful).

When I saw she was kicking off her book tour w/ two Boston area stops, I was freaking pumped. She started the tour in Brookline, a super ritzy town only like five miles west of the city, but it’s on the green line, so I wasn’t going to that. But her next appearance was right in my neighborhood, literally kitty-corner from my old restaurant.

I told Brent about the tour, who resoundingly assured me I could go w/out him. Fine, I’d have more fun w/ my sister anyway (…is what I told him while I was secretly pissed at him for not wanting to go w/ me). So I asked my sister, who seemed interested enough, and I called her the night before tickets went on sale to ask her to hop online at 9am on the nose to get tickets for us. She told me she’d look into it.

I know I told her to jump on the tickets at 9am exactly, but I really didn’t think it’d be a problem. So when she texted later in the morning saying they were sold out, I was more surprised than upset. I asked Brent to poke around on Craigslist and realization set in I wasn’t going to be seeing Mindy. When she was literally across the street from me. In my own city. Sad face emoji; probably the one w/ a tear running down the side of his emoji face.

I calmed down and got over it (w/ a little help from Brent's great birthday gifts). I read Why Not Me, and as much as I love her and her writing, I do see a character flaw that could potentially cost us the friendship. In her final essay, she talks about being at an event and just wanting to go back to her hotel (I can get on board w/ that), order food (yup), take off her pants (obviously), and watch….the Big Bang Theory. Uh-oh. I seriously can’t w/ that show; the nerd jokes are just too nerdy, and Sheldon is a selfish, arrogant douche. How does he have all these friends? 

How can someone who is so funny like a show that is so not funny? It’s the million-dollar question I guess; right up there with: can you really be best friends w/ someone if they like a television show you don’t? TBD, folks.