Proof That I Do Actually Read

If you were to check out my blog, you’d probably be able to tell that I don’t take life too seriously. You’d definitely be able to tell that I am obsessed with all things food and eating. You might get a sense of my love/hate relationship w/ running. But you probably wouldn’t know one of my favorite pastimes: books (unless you read the byline and are like, well, she says she’s a wannabe bibliophile, but I’m not really buying it). I LOVE to read. It’s right up there w/ Reese’s cups and bad Lifetime movies as one of my favorite things. I always have a long queue of books on hold at the library, so I’m constantly reading and returning ‘em. This “on to the next one” mentality is great for checking books off my list, so I figured I should post every so often discussing some of my faves - and keep you from wasting time w/ the duds; don’t even get me started on Eat, Pray, Love.

Go ahead and check out this post. I'll wait, it won’t take long.




Read it? Okay - now disregard every word. This is just another example of why boys are always wrong. Ms. Kaling is awesome - and I don’t even watch The Office regularly. I mean, I’ve seen enough episodes to know that I’m a fan, but I didn’t go into serious depression when Steve Carell left or anything.

I would highly recommend this book. It’s a collection of random ramblings about her life up to this point. Ladies of all ages will appreciate the things she talks about (like a cupcake obsession that causes an awkward bakery incident), and sympathize with certain ordeals (like getting a monster zit in the middle of your forehead right before a job interview).

I wish she had talked more about The Office and living in LA (although that’s probably just me and my obsessive addiction to all things Hollywood), but I think she managed to keep most everything she wrote pretty interesting. And it's not like she glossed over her work there; it's a huge part of her life, so it gets enough play.

I always liked Kelly Kapoor, and after reading this book I like her even more. Mindy, too. She grew up in Cambridge, MA, so I feel like we share some kind of bond – even though I grew up in Syracuse, NY. But I live near Cambridge now, so I mean, we’re practically sisters.


Tricia said…
Alright, I'm glad to read that you enjoyed this book. I was thinking about purchasing it for my upcoming vacation but wasn't sure. I think I shall1
brigidmc12 said…
You should! It's the perfect light read for a vacay = )